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A Mysterious Manitoba Vacation: Pandemic Edition: 2021

A Mysterious Manitoba Vacation - Pandemic Edition: 2021

Although we are limited in our ability to travel during the pandemic, why not consider visiting some of Manitoba’s more unusual places of interest as a vacation alternative. Most Manitobans aren’t aware of the weird and wonderful history behind some popular and not-so-popular places in their own province. Many sites are off the beaten track, but others are visited every day by hundreds of people who don't know the stories there.

These are just some of my picks for the most interesting off-beat vacation spots in Manitoba, updated to reflect sites that can be accessed even during the pandemic amid lockdowns.

“Charlie Redstar” and His Friends
During the 1970s and early 1980s, dozens of people watched, filmed and photographed unusual lights that seemed to tease observers positioned on mile roads just south and east of Sperling, and also just northwest of Carman, Manitoba. People would drive towards the lights that seemed to hover some distance down the road, then retreat quickly away, always keeping just out of reach. The most famous of these lights was the Carman UFO named “Charlie Redstar” that darted around the countryside in 1975 and 1976. These LATERs (Lights At The End of the Road) were reportedly seen literally every night by anyone who went looking for them. Some locals claim the lights can still be seen today, if you know where to look.

If you want more information about UFOs in Manitoba, check out the "M Files" - the Manitoba UFO Survey here.

Sasquatch Near West Hawk Lake
A Sasquatch was seen near the Lily Pond, about 15 kilometres north of West Hawk Lake on Highway 44 on June 7, 1990. It was raining, and as a woman drove around a bend at about 1:00 p.m., she said she was forced to brake suddenly when a tall creature appeared on the road in front of her car. It was six to seven feet tall, with dark, “patchy,” wet and matted hair all over its body. When the car swerved, she hit her head on the steering wheel, requiring medical attention. That evening, in the muddy ground, eight footprints were found, each about 18 inches long and nine inches wide. Sasquatch have also been reported during the last 20 years in widely separated locations in Manitoba, such as Beaconia and Gillam.

Cast of Sasquatch Footprint
In September 1973, conservation officer Bob Uchtmann was working near Landry Lake, west of The Pas. He came upon several large footprints, each about 18 inches long, in hard, compacted ground. They were 28 inches apart, indicating an extremely long stride. The cast of one footprint is currently on display in the Sam Waller Museum in The Pas, and is suggested to be that of a Sasquatch. The Sam Waller Museum (currently closed due to the pandemic) is known for having an eclectic collection of many other artefacts, including: a Judi-Dart Meteorological/Sounding Rocket used at Fort Churchill in 1969; a Daisy XZ-35 Buck Rogers Rocket Wilma Pistol Ray Gun; a brass sundial owned by explorer Sir John Franklin; a crystal radio set manufactured by the Martian Manufacturing Company of Newark, New Jersey; and a human appendix. (Map shows location of Landry Lake)

BONUS:  If you are interested in Sasquatch or Bigfoot, we have created a list of known Sasquatch sightings in Manitoba. Click here for the list.

Linear Mounds National Historic Site
Near Coulter, Manitoba, close to the Saskatchewan border, is a little-known National Historic Site where unusual linear mounds can be seen and climbed. These are long, manmade ridges, more than 500 feet in length, built more than 1000 years ago by First Nations peoples for driving bison into a ravine where they could be killed by hunters.

The Haunted Nunnery
A former nun’s residence, L'Auberge Clémence Inn on the Prairie B&B and Retreat Centre in Elie is said to be haunted. Guests have heard footsteps on the wooden stairs, without anyone being near. Doors have opened and closed by themselves, and glimpses of a figure have been seen moving in several rooms. Check with them for access.

Pilot Mound
The 116-foot-high “Old Mound,” as local people refer to it, is one of the most important historical landmarks in Manitoba. This large hill was caused by an upheaval of natural gas beneath the ground many, many years ago. But on its summit is a small circular hill that was built by ancient Indigenous peoples. In 1908 a Toronto University archaeological excavation unearthed relics of the Mound Builders, suggesting it was a sacred site. The Plains Cree called it "Little Dance Hill" (Mepawaquomoshin) and travelled great distances to hold ceremonial dances on its summit.

Devil’s Island
East of Camperville in the middle of Lake Winnipegosis is an island about two kilometres in length, with a reputation for being haunted. There are stories that people who have dared camp on the island have swam in panic to the mainland in the middle of the night, afraid of eerie lights and sounds that seemed to chase them off the island!

Devil Island
The same stories (almost identical, actually) are told about this tiny island in the middle of Lake Winnipeg, about six kilometers northeast of Traverse Bay.

The Falcon Lake Saucer

In 1967, Stefan Michalak was prospecting just north of Falcon Lake and encountered a flying saucer that apparently landed in a clearing near him. He walked up to the craft out of curiosity and was burned by a blast of hot gas when it suddenly took off and flew away. The incident was investigated by the RCMP, Royal Canadian Air Force and even the US Air Force, which labeled the case “Unexplained.” Today, the site is still accessible near the gravel pits north of town, and you can go on a guided “UFO Ride” to the site from Falcon Beach Ranch. The Laughing Loon store in town sells t-shirts and other items commemorating the 1967 event.

The Haunted Hotel Fort Garry
Much has been written about Winnipeg’s Hotel Fort Garry and its various resident ghosts. One story is that a grief-stricken woman took her own life in Room 202 many years ago. Since then, some staff have said they have seen blood running down the walls of the room, and some guests have said they have seen her ghost at the end of their bed. In 2004, former Ontario Liberal MP Brenda Chamberlain was staying in Room 202 and said that while in bed she felt the mattress depress next to her as if someone was getting in beside her. The same or another ghost is said to have been seen in the hotel’s lounge, and in rooms on other floors.

The Manitoba Legislature Hermetic Code
Although to the untrained eye it is simply a large, ornate government building, the Manitoba Legislature is adorned with sphinxes, doric columns and even a replica of the Ark of the Covenant. And the statue of the Golden Boy on top of the building? The god Hermes. According to Frank Albo, sometimes called Manitoba’s own Dan Brown, the Legislature is a Masonic edifice designed to guide and help elected official rule the province. Albo conducts guided tours of the Hermetic significance of the many bizarre feature of the building. (Oh, and the building is haunted, too.) NB: Closed during lockdown.

Old Man Gimli and Thorgeir's Ghost
Kids at camps throughout the Interlake are often told the story of Old Man Gimli, who wanders the bush along Lake Winnipeg for sinister and macabre purposes. One story is that travelers who stopped their car along the highway north of town were shocked to see a dark, brooding figure leap out at their car and grab onto their rear bumper before falling away! As well, the tale of Thorgeir's Ghost is told by Icelandic settlers to the Hecla area, of a skinned bull that came back to life after being readied for butchering, and has been seen roaming the fields between Gimli and Riverton. They may not be true, but they're great local tales!

The Narcisse Snake Dens
Featured on many nature shows and websites, the snake dens in and around Narcisse are unique and fascinating. Each spring and fall, the natural caves and sunken areas of limestone in the area are overrun with thousands of garter snakes that mate in seething masses that are downright strange. The mating balls occur in about May each year, and the snakes return in September. NB: The dens are closed to teh public in 2021 due to the lockdown.

The Dalnavert Museum at 61 Carlton Street in downtown Winnipeg is said to be haunted. Some “ghost hunter” tours have been organized for the house, but few people have ever seen or heard anything out of the ordinary. NB: closed due to the pandemic.

The Manitoba Desert
It may seem incongruous, but even in a province that is covered in snow for several months of the year, there is a desert. Although quickly being encroached by vegetation such as wild grasses and poison ivy, there’re still sand dunes to climb and explore in the Spirit Sands near Carberry. And the Devils Punch Bowl is a bowl-shaped depression 45 metres deep in the sand hills, caused by underground streams. And look for the Prairie skink, Manitoba’s own lizard!

The Kettle Stones
Northeast of Swan River is a small Kettle Stones Provincial Park. It’s isolated, with no picnic tables, concessions or bathroom facilities, and the road in is barely a trail that often is impassable. But if you manage to get there, you will see dozens of huge boulders that were formed under water and left behind when Lake Agassiz retreated in about 10,000 BC. The stones are considered scared by First Nations peoples.

Seven Oaks House
Similarly, Seven Oaks House Museum at 50 Mac Street is the oldest home in Winnipeg, and has developed a reputation as “the oldest haunted house in Manitoba.” Public investigation tours have been arranged by the Winnipeg Paranormal Group, during which attendees are guided through actual nighttime investigations of the building. NB: temporarily closed.

Hamilton House
Although now a naturopathic clinic, at one time Hamilton House on Henderson Highway in Winnipeg was the North American centre of research into paranormal activity. Dr. T. Glen Hamilton conducted many séances in sealed upper rooms in the house, where many photographs of ghosts and other eerie phenomena were obtained. Even Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, visited the house in 1923 and participated in one of the séances. Not open to the public.

The Woodridge Spook Light
Since the 1960s, it has been said that if you wait any night after about 11:00 pm just south of Highway 203 east of town, you'll see the Woodridge Spook Light dancing at the end of the road along the railway line. It was actually seen as early as the 1930s, and is supposed to be a lantern carried by the headless ghost of a man who was killed by a train many years ago.

Lake St. Martin Crater
Invisible to the average visitor, the largest meteorite crater in Manitoba is located at Gypsumville. In fact, the entire town and hundreds of surrounding acres sit inside the crater itself! Beneath the ground is a 200-million-year-old crater that is 40 kilometres wide, making it the fifth-largest in all of Canada.

West Hawk Lake
By comparison, the meteor crater that is now West Hawk Lake is only about 2.5 kilometres across. But it’s not eroded like the Lake St. Martin crater, and is completely filed in with water left over from retreating glaciers. There’s an info kiosk at the park office, a large descriptive sign at the beach showing how the lake was formed, and a concession stand that sells “meteor burgers” and “potato UFOs,” among other tasty treats! [NB: may not be open thus summer]

Lower Fort Garry
Apart from its rich conventional history, Lower Fort Garry has a reputation as being one of the most haunted places in Manitoba. Visitors and workers there have reported seeing rocking chairs moving by themselves, ghostly apparitions standing in otherwise empty rooms and hearing chains rattling in the fur loft. The grounds are open but the buildings are currently closed.

Bannock Point Petroforms
In Whiteshell Provincial Park along Highway 307 is a small park where you can climb an observation tower and look down on ancient outlines of turtles and other figures laid out with boulders. Thought to be steeped in Indigenous tradition and ritual, these huge formations are even visible from the air!

The White Horse Plains
Along the Trans Canada Highway near St. Francois Xavier is a statue of a White Horse. The figure is one of the few monuments in the world depicting a ghost! The story is that hundreds of years ago, a maiden escaped into the night with her lover astride a beautiful white horse, given as a gift from her betrothed whom she was to marry the next day. They were pursued and killed, but the horse ran off and has been said to roam the prairie ever since.

Manipogo Beach Provincial Park
Just north of Toutes Aides on Highway 276 is a little-known park that is one of Manitoba’s jewels and best-kept secrets. Pristine beaches, clear water and beautiful landscaping along Lake Manitoba's rocky shore, it’s also the site of numerous sightings of Manipogo, Manitoba’s own Loch Ness Monster. The dinosaur-like creature was seen there several times in the 1990s. Maybe you can be the next lucky one to see it!

BONUS: We created a list of known sightings and encounters with lake monsters in Manitoba. Click here for the list.

Magnetic Hill
While New Brunswick has a more famous Magnetic Hill, where cars seem to roll uphill, Manitoba has one too! It’s on Harlington Road, two miles west of the Highway 487 turnoff to the Thunder Hill Ski Area, along the Saskatchewan border. Local residents say that you can put your car or truck in neutral, and with the brakes off, you start moving apparently uphill.

And finally…

Move over, Stonehenge! Winnipeg has Pilehenge!

This mysterious, awe-inspiring structure is located on the outskirts of Winnipeg, on Sturgeon Road just south of Prairie Dog Trail near Centreport Canada Way. Clearly an ancient structure designed as homage to our alien ancestors, it was built by Inland Cement, obviously under guidance from extraterrestrials.

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The Metamodern UFO (or UAP) (or USO) (or UAO) (or whatever)


No, I'm not at all surprised that there is a lot of hype surrounding the US Navy and Pentagon UFO comments.

Even though the "pyramid" UFO video (actually it shows a triangle, since it's in two dimensions on the screen) looks identical to an imaging artefact caused by the equipment aperture, many UFO fans and zealots are defending it, arguing that the Pentagon wouldn't say it was a UAP if it was just a mistake.

Sure they would.

In fact, if you look at what the Pentagon spokesperson actually said, it makes sense:

"I can confirm that the referenced photos and videos were taken by Navy personnel," Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough said in a statement distributed to numerous media outlets.

"The UAPTF [Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force] has included these incidents in their ongoing examinations."

Nothing in that statement suggests in any way that the video is unexplained. The fact they were filmed by Navy personnel means only that the people filming them likely didn't hoax them. 


At the same time, there have been a flurry of posts recently from people in various UFO newsgroups, podcasts, on Facebook, and other social media, all advancing some of the most absurd theories and UFO claims.

The Jackhead UFO crash hoax reared it ugly head again, much to my chagrin. Billy Meier. Bob Lazar. All suddenly in vogue again after being shown to be false or at the very least dubious many years ago.

It's because of metamodernism. 

As I noted several years ago:

Ufology today is riddled with religiosity. Most UFO conferences and conventions boast slates of lecturers on spiritual contact with aliens, telepathic communication across the galaxy, healing with crystals, and how to "raise consciousness."

Since then, "hard science" ufology has been relegated to the back seat, and populist ufology almost always has a core of mysticism and "New-Age" beliefs. It's ironic, as UFO groups such as MUFON are trying to rebrand as more scientific organizations, all of this at a time when metamodernism is dictating that a more religious version of ufology is surging in popularity.

Modernism is a mindset and cultural code that is formed during the emergence of modern science and the Enlightenment (thus, it has been around for ~300 years). It emphasizes reason and rationality, the power of science in deciphering foundational truths about the universe, capitalism, and the idea of human progress. It also emphasizes individuality and universal human rights. Most "modern" industrial societies are primarily organized by these values and codes.

The postmodern viewpoint offers a skeptical critique of modernist knowledge and concludes that the knowledge we generate is always contextual. The postmodern argument is that there is an inevitable fusion of truth with social power. 

Metamodernism reconstructs things by joining their opposing elements in an entirely new configuration rather than seeing those elements as being in competition with one another. If postmodernism favored deconstructing wholes and then putting the resulting parts in zero-sum conflict with one another—a process generally referred to as “dialectics”—metamodernism focuses instead on dialogue, collaboration, simultaneity, and “generative paradox” (this last being the idea that combining things which seem impossible to combine is an act of meaningful creation, not anarchic destruction).

Examples of metamodernism include a "remix" in current music, "modding" a video game so it plays differently, and a "reboot" of a film. In other words, you take what has been established and do what ever you want to it so as to make it something personal. The original "true" and "accurate" version is immaterial.

Such is ufology today.

It seems as though there is no longer any "truth" to seek in ufology. If you believe aliens dressed as nuns left the secret underground base in Nevada and walked through Las Vegas undetected, that's your prerogative. If you think the Galactic Federation has contacted you personally, that's fine. If your thoughts can vector incoming spacecraft, so be it. If you say your video shows the flight of transmedium UAPs, that's alright too.

Nothing I can say or do can possibly shift you from any of those views or claims, regardless of any evidence that exists to show you are in error ("wrong") or that your belief is false, even if your own evidence is disputable or comes from doubtful sources or it has alternative possible explanations.

See? Nothing is true, but conversely, nothing is false.

As some mainstream media reported today:

The past week alone has featured increasingly ridiculous false claims issuing from the right. There's the one about the Biden administration taking away Americans' hamburgers. And the one about the White House giving gift bags with the vice president's book to migrant children -- that one was effectively retracted by the New York Post and the reporter resigned, saying she was forced to write a false story.

This problem of "true" and "false" may seem just a thought exercise, but it has implications for science and engineering.

Just imagine if an engineer building a bridge did not need to accurately calculate a load bearing limit. Or if the brakes on your car were "more or less" installed properly. If a service technician thought that the specs in the car's manual were wrong, that could be disastrous.

So in ufology, if rigorous scientific analysis and use of methodology are not considered authoritative, or if someone's conflicting opinion that a UFO photo has an explanation is viewed as unimportant, then that's the metamodern approach.

In effect, anything goes.


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The Venusians giveth, and the Venusians taketh away...

And just like that....

Remember the news just a few weeks ago that UFO sightings were up during 2020? And we thought it had something to do with the pandemic?

e.g. The New York Times:
"They are not alone: U.F.O. Reports surged during the pandemic"

And my usually ignored Canadian UFO Survey results:
"Survey suggests Canadians looked to the skies, saw more UFOs during the pandemic"

Well, we're still in the pandemic, but...

So far in 2021, the first quarter shows a large decrease in numbers of UFO reports!

MUFON is down 40% of Canadian UFO report numbers from the same time in 2020, and NUFORC numbers are even worse, down about 65%!

UFOs seem to have suddenly gone away!

Do you suppose the aliens know something?


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The 2020 Canadian UFO Survey

Yes, the 2020 Canadian UFO Survey is now out. To view it, visit Ufology Research.

It turns out that 2020 was an exceptional year for UFOs, as well as being a strange year for all of us because of the pandemic.

Here are some highlights:

There were 1,243 UFO sightings recorded in Canada in 2020, an increase of 46 per cent over 2019. Despite the pandemic and lockdowns, this was one of the highest total numbers of UFO reports recorded in a single year since the annual Canadian UFO Survey began in 1989.

Data showed that during the early stages of the pandemic, during the first quarter of 2020, UFO report numbers surged significantly from 151 in 2019 to 259 in 2020. As the pandemic took hold in Canada in the second quarter of 2020, UFO report numbers surged to 354 cases, up from only 222 in 2019. This trend continued throughout 2020.

There are now more than 22,000 Canadian UFO reports in the Ufology Research database, just from 1989-2020. (A project is underway to document Canadian UFO reports previous to 1989.)

In 2020, about 13 per cent of all UFO reports were classified as unexplained, but more than 26 per cent had definite explanations. The remaining cases had either possible explanations or insufficient information for evaluation.

In 2020, Ontario led all Canadian provinces with 30 per cent of all Canadian UFO reports, up from 20 per cent in 2019, followed by Quebec (24 per cent, down from 2019) and BC (17 per cent, unchanged from 2019).

Manitoba was the only other province that showed a decrease in UFO reports from 2019, from 78 to only 42 in 2020.

Maritime provinces had a dramatic increase in reported UFO sightings, rising from 39 reports in 2019 to 130 in 2020.

Since 1989, Ufology Research (formerly Ufology Research of Manitoba) has solicited UFO case data from known and active investigators and researchers in Canada. The goal has been to provide data for use by researchers trying to understand this controversial phenomenon.

2020 marked the 32nd year of collecting and analysing Canadian UFO report data by Ufology Research. With some gaps in data, tables of most Canadian UFO reports included in the annual surveys from 1989 to the present are available online.

The most obvious indication of something being unusual in 2020 UFO data is the distribution of cases over the year. The double peak in April and August is particularly striking.

Was this because of COVID? Or was it because of several factors such as Starlink satellite launches combined with the lockdowns? One suggestion, that it was because of media attention to the "Tic Tac" UFO story and the impending US Intelligence report on UFOs, would be reasonable, but that would not explain the sharp drop in June reports. Besides, it is known that current UFO reports are not necessarily linked to current media, but often precipitate reporting of older experiences.

It's also interesting to compare Ufology Research data analyses with other studies. American ufologist Cheryl Costa, for example, has been doing fine work by crunching UFO data as well. What's curious is that her graph of monthly UFO report numbers is very different:

Specifically, while the April peak is in the US data, the second August peak that is in Canadian data is absent. Costa notes that the March/April American peak is due to: "the result of COVID lockdown giving people more leisure time, a known driver of sighting reports."

Another difference is that Costa notes: "usually the 4th of July spike dominates the chart. In 2020 there weren't as many fire works events scheduled due to shutdowns." Yet Canada's national holiday featuring fireworks is in July as well, and showed high numbers of reports.

Clearly, some other factors are involved in the variances in Canadian UFO report numbers and the differences between the two countries.

Of all the 1,243 reports recorded in 2020, while about 13 per cent were classed as Unexplained, when looking only at Higher-Quality cases with high Reliability, the field was narrowed considerably.

The following are the best of the bunch, mostly in the witnesses' own words. Some might have simple explanations despite their classifications:

Higher Quality Unknowns in Canada in 2020

2020    1          23        1700    Toronto           ON       c1        180      silver   1          other   8          4          NUFORC            u         
"7ft long UFO came within 5ft and folded in on itself"           
I was shoveling snow on my balcony when I saw something in my peripheral vision. When I looked up it was about four or five feet away from me, levitating above a roof. It was about 7 feet long, silver on both sides with two black (not sure how to describe them) at each end. Almost like camera shutters. It had no noise at all. I stood there staring at it and the one side kind of folded... I went to the end of the balcony to get a better look and it was gone, or I couldn’t see it.

2020    1          23        2303    Guelph    ON       nd                                1          cylinder           7          5          MUFON            u         
"2 craft escorting another cylinder shaped craft"
I saw a plane with 2 bright lights following it. I know planes do not travel so closely together so it caught my eye. As the plane moved I identified it because of its flashing lights. I tried to see if the other object had flashing lights they didn't. The plane started to go in a different direction and then the other objects traveled alone. The one in front turned into two and the one behind “went off” and I saw a massive circular object as if it was being escorted by the two in front. I pulled my phone out and managed to get a pic of the two in the front. They were moving at least 4 times faster than the original plane had been. I tried to take a video but the objects were so fast moving they disappeared heading in the direction of Kitchener from Guelph.

2020    2          3          1506    Whistler          BC        nd        600                  2          cylinder           8          3            NUFORC          u      
"tube shaped snow formation" with tan disc shaped ufo going in and out"  
We saw a tubelike snow formation with the sun shining through from behind. We took a photo and later upon examination there appeared to be saucer shaped objects flying into the formation as well as bright pink spots of light. We were on top of Backcomb Mountain looking down after exiting 7th Heaven chairlift.

2020    2          3          1630    Cochrane         AB        nd        15        grey     2          triangle           7          5            NUFORC          u         
triangle shaped craft stationary, spun in spot then disappeared"    
Driving with my son westbound on RR 262, I noticed a grey pie-shaped object in the sky out of my driver side window. I alerted my son to look at it and he spotted it right away. As I was driving, I had my attention divided between the road ahead and the object in the sky to my left. I took four or five 2-3 second glances at the object, which seemed to be standing stationary in the sky. The object began to rotate, appeared to turn black then disappeared. After it turned black I looked away to check the road and when I looked back it was gone. No trail, nothing. Very clear sky with high visibility and ceiling. I have binoculars in my truck which I quickly passed to my son earlier on in the sighting, and he struggled to find it through the binoculars, but he watched for the first 10 seconds or so. The object was triangular in shape. It looked proportionately like a thick piece of cake.. The tail end was also “v” shaped or possibly described as a shallow chev! ron shape when observed from directly below. There were no windows, lights, lines or markings on the objects surface and the edges were all rounded. Within 1 min of us seeing the object we witnessed a military plane flying in the direction of our sighting.

2020    3          25        2015    Sparta     ON       nl         120                  1          ps         7          5          MUFON           u           
pulsating light that moved erratically and reappeared in random positions"           
Just as I was at the crest of the hill leading down into the valley, and before descending down into the valley, a bright streak of a light caught my eye. I later realized that it appeared as a streak because the light was fairly slowly pulsating as it appeared, and my movement made it appear as a streak. But then I stood still, anticipating seeing the light appear again, as is usually the case with evenly-timed flashing lights of an overhead airplane passing by. But it took longer for me to see the light reappear than any aircraft I've seen before. When it did reappear (about 2-3 seconds later), it was in a different location than I would've predicted. I expected it to be farther along a straight flight path because of longer timed intervals, but it actually appeared in an entirely non-predictable location somewhat farther to the left. At least 2 or 3 seconds later, the pulsating light reappeared again but farther to the right and somewhat higher (the light seemed to be moving away at a low angle, so I expected it to reappear somewhat lower, not higher, the next time it reappeared, if it was following a straight flight path leading away from me). There was another non-uniformly timed interval before the pulsating light reappeared again, and again in a random position that my mind would not have expected if it were following a straight flight path. This pulsating light gradually brightened when it appeared and then gradually faded, which took approximately 1-2 seconds maximum in total time during each I saw it appear. I estimate that I saw the pulsating light appearing and disappearing in unexpected random positions, and at random time intervals between pulsations (intervals between pulsations ranged between 3 - 6 seconds); pulsations occurred approximately 8 different times. And then I did not see the light reappear again at all, and it if was an aircraft, I would definitely have continued to see the aircraft's light continue to flash, consistently, quick-flashing, and for a much longer duration, before it traveled beyond visible distance. But this randomly somewhat gently-pulsating, random positioned light just suddenly stopped reappearing in the plain open sky.

             This was not an aircraft. It is physically impossible for any aircraft to move in the pattern that this (or these) pulsating light(s) appeared. And I would've been able to follow the flight path of any aircraft for much longer than I viewed this pulsating light. It was pure clear sky, and yet it suddenly stopped appearing in random staggered locations in a manner that would be impossible for any typical aircraft escaped my continued viewing.
             The random timing between the pulsations, and the random, unpredictable or staggered locations, makes me absolutely certain without any mistake that this was not lights from an aircraft from our planet. This also was not any satellite, nor helicopter. I looked at videos of Chinese lanterns, and this was not like any of the videos showing Chinese lanterns, and I live in a very remote, rural area, and the location where I saw these lights excludes that as a possibility.

2020    3          27        2100    Ottawa            ON       nd        2          white   1          boomerang     7          5            MUFON           u         
boomerang ufo with brightly lit tips and dimmed circular center travelling fast through the sky"
I was standing on my balcony looking at how bright the moon was tonight. Then I looked away from the west towards the north and I saw this object that appeared to me to be boomeranged shaped, with a light at both tips. The center appeared as if there was a dimmer circular light about twice the size of a tip. It flew as if gliding in a straight line going much faster than any plane I’ve ever seen. I was gone in the North in one instant.

2020    4          18        132      Innisfil        ON       nd        900      red       1          triangle           7          5          MUFON            u         
triangle shaped formation with red light in the center flying low"
I was driving West, not far from home and on a side street that has farmland all around, so it’s very dark. From behind the trees came this white light in the center and reddish lights in a triangular formation pulsating back and forth and then pulsating from the center light. The direction it was headed was South. It was flying low and the reddish orange lights seemed fixated to the center light, but didn’t appear attached. It disappeared behind the trees on the South side of the road, but I was curious to see more, so I drove past my street to where there’s an elevated bridge. I stopped at the bridge and the lights continued to fly low in the South direction. It disappeared over a distant hill and that was the last I saw it.

2020    4          22        2200    Saskatoon        SK        nl         60                    1          ps         7          5          MUFON            u        
"2 lights moving at horizon, then moved together and abruptly disappeared"
I saw two star-like lights meandering on the horizon. At first I thought they were airplanes, but the movement was shifting left right, in a coordinated manner. After about 15 seconds, the two lights moved together towards the east and abruptly disappeared.         

2020    4          22        2325    Red Deer         AB        nd        5          black       1          rectangle         7          8            MUFON           u         
rectangle craft came down out of clouds (had green/yellow lights under it)"          
Stepped outside and saw two satellites moving to the SE directly above Red Deer Alberta. Suddenly, a light caught my eye moving rapidly from SE to NW. Sighting was approximately five  seconds. Absolutely clear view of an object moved into low sparse cloud and disturbed the cloud as it passed. The object was rectangular, grey/black in color, with two large lights facing down. The lights were not particularly bright, yellow/green in color but proportionately very large compared with the rectangular object. The sighting took about five seconds, and was a very clear image. I have 20/20 Vision.

2020    5          22        2237    Barrie     ON       nd        300      white   1          ps         7          7          MUFON           u           
"Bright object moving SW"       
At first I was looking into the sky towards the West from my backyard patio and saw a bright object moving SW with pulsating a bright white light. Then it disappeared and reappeared travelling in the opposite direction NE and it moved upward vertically and disappeared while pulsating. I was very excited and asked it to show itself for my wife to see, but my wife left. I then re-entered the house and just a moment later I went out on the backward patio again and there it was again showing up pulsating light like never before. I waved and got more response by light pulsation.

2020    5          26        2215    Tottenham      ON       nl         600      multi    1          ps         7          5          MUFON            u         
star like light moving in erratic way and flashing different colours"
Star sized flashing red and green object with no specific pattern. Could be red for 1 min then flash green and red then be green for 1 min. Saw it at about 45 deg over the horizon due south. Then moved straight north to then veer southeast to a full stop for a few minutes. Then it started to go north to disappear and reappear going north and then started to go S. It stopped in the North at about 45 deg above the horizon. I tried to take a picture with my phone but was way too small to be captured. I tried to zoom but was just a big blur.

2020    7          24        2011    Pickle Lake      ON       dd                                2          irregular          6          7          TC            u         "
"obj. 3 feet in diameter passed over right wing of aircraft; nothing on radar"          
The pilot of a North Star Air Ltd. aircraft from Thunder Bay, ON (CYQT) to Sachigo Lake, ON (CZPB) reported an object passing over their right wing, approximately 3 feet in diameter. No traffic on radar in the vicinity.

2020    8          30        2030    Ottawa            ON       nd        3600                2          boomerang     6          6            NUFORC          U         
dark boomerang shaped object with lights hovered then slowly moved away"        
I saw a blinking light, similar to strobe light. At first I assumed it was a plane or a helicopter, but after a minute or so, the light didn't move. Only the blinking light was visible. The object was in a clearing between the clouds. During dusk, it was still pretty bright, so I took my binoculars an looked at the source of light. I saw an object, dark in color, chevron shaped. Facing me with one side, blinking light in equal time intervals . Looked like the object had the same light on the other side of it. Smaller lights were visible on the bottom of the object, changing colors from green to blue and purple. My wife witnessed the object as well and confirmed the shape and lights. After around 20 min hovering in the same spot, 70 degrees above the horizon, the object began to move Westbound.


Results of this study show that many people continue to report unusual objects in the sky, and some of these objects do not have obvious explanations. Many witnesses are pilots, police and other individuals with reasonably good observing capabilities and good judgement.

Numbers of reported UFO sightings remain high. Several theories for this can be suggested: more UFOs are present and physically observable by witnesses; more secret or classified military exercises and overflights are occurring over populated areas; more people are unaware of the nature of conventional or natural objects in the sky; more people are taking the time to observe their surroundings; more people are able to report their sightings with easier access to the Internet and portable technology; or even that the downturn in the economy is leading to an increased desire by some people to look skyward for assistance.

Although the largest percentage of reported UFOs is simply lights in the night sky, a small number are objects with definite shapes observed within the witnesses’ frame of reference.

Popular opinion to the contrary, there is no incontrovertible evidence that some UFO cases involve extraterrestrial contact. The continued reporting of UFOs by the public and the yearly increase in numbers of UFO reports suggests a need for further examination of the phenomenon by social, medical and/or physical scientists.

Images of UFOs representative of what are seen and photographed by witnesses

March 8, 2021, Ontario
Posted by R.E to Facebook group: UFOs Above Canada

September 23, 2017, Alberta Beach, Alberta
Posted by R.T to Facebook group: UFOs Above Canada

2020, Northern Ontario
Posted by T.F. to Facebook group: UFOs Above Canada

December 4, 2020, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Posted by Y.D. to Facebook group: UFOs Above Canada


Thank you to organizations and individuals whose data were included in the Canadian UFO Survey. Many cases were posted originally to Facebook groups such as UFOs Above Canada and PEI UFO INFO.

Special thanks go out to those who assisted in the production of the Canadian UFO Survey: Geoff Dittman, Ashley Kircher, Jason Carignan, and Sarah A.

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