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Interesting cases from the 2014 Canadian UFO Survey

Some interesting cases classified as Unknowns in the 2014 Canadian UFO Survey

March 17, 2014                  3:00 am                Winnipeg, Manitoba                       Source: UFOINFO
Nocturnal Light                                                                 3 witnesses        Irregular object                
Strangeness 7    Reliability 4

We were driving from Calgary to Winnipeg, with no other cars on the road. We saw what looked like a transport truck in the middle of the road up ahead, so I continued to drive but decreasing speed a little bit. The shape of the object was like “a squished octagon.” We came up to about 150 meters from the object’s strange “headlights.” Suddenly, the lights moved up into the sky and in a second the car shook like there was a huge gust of wind, and the object was gone.

January 16, 2014               9:00 pm                Roosville, BC                                      Source: UFOBC
Nocturnal Light                                 30 seconds duration       2 witnesses        Triangle                               
Strangeness 7    Reliability 6        

While southbound on Hwy #93 near the U.S.A. Border at Roosville, we saw a very large, upside down triangular shaped thing, with lights defining its shape. We were a couple of hundred yards away. It was BIG... I think maybe 60-80-100 feet across the top and tapered down to 30-40-50 at the bottom. It was very low, maybe 100 ft off the ground ahead of us, just above the treeline, stationary or moving towards us. Then it just tilted on its side and moved behind an outcrop of trees on a berm out from an escarpment. We continued down the highway towards it expecting to see it again because it was only 30-45 seconds to get there, but there was nothing there. This wasn't a "twinkle" in the distant sky here. It was BIG with defined lights. Nor it seems, can the 2 of us now later, agree on a few things. I remember yellowish lights at bottom moving up to greenish and red/blue at top. My companion says they were more clear, not colored. No matter, we both saw it. It was big, it was hovering (or moving towards us), it was not an airplane (no airplane THAT low, or slow, in pitch black darkness). Helicopter of some kind? Maybe if it had huge infrastructure to mount light rows? No noise, again THAT low in complete darkness, and the lights didn't have "beams" per se, more just "luminescent." And if it was some kind of tricked up Heli.... where in the heck did it go THAT fast? I mean it would have had to have risen above 200 ft to go over an escarpment behind those trees... which we should have seen as we travelled towards it. We almost don't believe what we saw. But we both know we saw it.

January 21, 2014               6:30 pm                Grafton, Nova Scotia                      Source: Psican
Nocturnal Disc                   120 seconds duration                                     Boomerang       
Strangeness 7    Reliability 6

I saw a "V-shaped" object stationary around the Grafton/Somerset area approximately, 100-300 feet in the air. The craft was about the size of 2 Cessna airplanes, shaped like a shield or a "V" with a central light flashing white/orange. A green glow illuminated the craft, and the surface of the UFO was clearly visible, and seemed to be made of metal plates, or divided into sections by grooves. No sound was coming from the aircraft.

March 21, 2014                  9:50 pm                Calgary, Alberta                                                Source: UFOROM
Nocturnal Light                 5 seconds duration                          Point Source
Strangeness 7    Reliability 7        

There were 7 “stars” travelling north to south in a classic “V” formation. They were moving very fast, then they split into two groups, half going east the other going west. After a couple more seconds, both sets of lights just “winked out.” The objects had the appearance and were the same visual size as stars. They made no sound. Weather conditions were clear overhead, and stars were clearly visible above, but there was cloud towards the ground. The lights just winked out way before they should have faded out.

April 24, 2014                     11:00 pm              Port Rowan, ON                                               Source: NUFORC
Nocturnal Disc                                                                                   Triangle
Strangeness 7    Reliability 7        

Everything from black triangles to multicoloured lights appear near our home each night. We are  seeing the objects on a nightly basis. Many more people are noticing them now. Even before it is fully dark we are seeing these objects show up. Some a solid white or orange while most flash multicoloured lights of blue, green, red, and white. Most stay in one one spot for the duration of the night while others fly around in circles surrounding the hovering ones. It almost as if they are supervising these multicoloured ones. We see some wobble around and bob around and the best way I can describe their movement is to tell you that they bob like a spider dangling on a web. It's very strange. Some will come down and weave in and out of the trees in the forest and if we shine a light in the tress to try and see these objects they will shut of their lights. When they shut their lights off it looks like a kerosene heater going out.  My dogs act strange when they are around and lunge at the forest barking most nights. Huge black triangles fly within 200 feet above our heads that are perfectly silent and if they went any slower they would fall out of the sky. Several neighbours have approached me and told me that they are seeing these things as well but said they won't tell anyone else because they don't want them to think they are crazy. There are just so many and they come here every night. This is a great place for investigators to come. There is always something out there for them to see.

May 25, 2014                      10:00 pm              St. Thomas, ON                                 Source: UFOROM
Nocturnal Disc                                                                                   Triangle
Strangeness 7    Reliability 7        

It was about 2200 hours. I sat with my uncle in front of the house and watched the plane reload. Suddenly I saw a huge triangle but it only had two edges, like a boomerang. Both edges were illuminated. It was somewhere about 500 meters above the house and was huge. Behind it were flying two smaller lights. Fifteen minutes later another similar object came from the other side and then my uncle believed me. Neither object made a sound and they were both moving slowly as if they wanted to be seen.

June 21, 2014                     11:25 pm              Enderby, BC                                       Source: Vike
Nocturnal Disc                   5 minutes duration                          Irregular
Strangeness 7    Reliability 7        

We saw something in the sky the other night. My brother-in-law messaged me and told me to look up. So my husband and I went outside and flying overhead was a light. It looked like a big blue glow stick in colour. We ran in to tell the kids to come out. As we watched it, it changed colours. It did circles, went up and down. It didn't move like normal things we know. It was completely silent! It also had a huge range, it was kind of hard to tell how high it was, but it seemed to be as high as an ultralight would be. It flew out towards the mountain and I thought it was going to go over and disappear, but it wasn't that high because then it turned and scaled the mountain ridge and came back to town. Then it went down out of sight, it looked like it could've landed in a field from where we were. It was very cool! I know at least 10 other people who saw it. It was seen from 11:25 p.m. to 11:32 p.m.

July 10, 2014                       10:37 pm              Thunder Bay, ON                             Source: Psican
Nocturnal Disc                   55 seconds duration                       Disc
Strangeness 7    Reliability 7        

As I turned into my brother's apartment building parking lot, I saw two unusual stationary objects hanging in the northern sky, very close to the intersection of N. James St. and W. Arthur St. My brother at first said "oh, they're probably helicopters". I immediately said no way, so I parked the truck in his lot which took 30 seconds or so. We got out and watched from the sidewalk at Arthur St. We both agreed they weren't helicopters at this point; they were two black hamburger bun-shaped objects, hovering, one higher than the other. Their lights were lining the bottom part of the bun, so to speak, very prominent orangey/pink, to me, in colour. As we watched for maybe 40 seconds or so, they both ascended to the east, slowly, for around 15 seconds then they both stopped and hovered again. They seemed so close to us yet it's difficult to judge the distance. We were absolutely transfixed as we witnessed the lower craft slowly turn off its lights, one at a time until it was completely black! As soon as that was done, it started to descend slowly to the west, towards the expressway, until it disappeared behind the treeline. Immediately we looked upward to see the other craft slowly turn off its lights, one by one, until it too, was completely black! Then, just as its mate had done, it too, slowly descended to the west until we lost sight of it. It was surreal to say the least and we kept saying to ourselves throughout the event, "what are they?" I did report the incident to our local news agencies but they didn't put any seriousness into that sort of thing. This all happened very near to our airport but they did not go to it. We've lived in this area all of our lives so we know if something is out of the ordinary or not and these are unexplainable to both of us.

July 22, 2014                       1:30 am                Maidstone, SK                                   Source: MUFON
Nocturnal Disc                   40 seconds duration                       Cigar
Strangeness 7    Reliability 7

My husband and I were driving east along the Yellowhead Highway in Saskatchewan. Sometime after midnight, we pulled off the highway and drove south into the town of Maidstone to get some rest. We were facing south at the corner of Railway Ave. and Third St. W when we saw the object above a field south west of the intersection not that far from us.  I saw what looked like a shooting star, a white streak across the sky. It suddenly stopped and just hung in the air. It was a long oval that seemed to divide into two parts, rainbow coloured with an Ammolite type shimmer and a bright white light at one end. The object hung in the air for some time, long enough for my husband and I to ask each other if we saw what we were seeing. It suddenly divided and disappeared. There was no sound from this object at any time it was silent. I have no idea what it was at all.

My Husbands account of the same sighting: I was at the intersection facing south when the object came into view. It was about 300 meters away and it filled up half the windshield. The object looked like it was made of a cluster of tubes, green with 2 or 3 red lights at the end. At one end there was a bright white and yellow glow almost like a mist. The colours on it we the brightest and most vivid I have ever seen. I don't know how long it stayed still, 30 or 40 seconds. It was silent the whole time, I had my window down and there was no noise. In a split second it shot away from us and was gone. It looked like it was operated by and intelligent presence. It was not a helicopter or plane nor was it fireworks or a paraflyer. Both of us spent more than 10 years in the Canadian military and we are familiar with these things. This was nothing like we have ever seen before. During and after the sighting we were interested, calm and not frightened.

December 17, 2014         9:10 am                Calgary, Alberta                                    Source: MUFON
Daylight Disc                       30 seconds duration                       Cigar
Strangeness 7    Reliability 7

On December 17,2014 in the mid morning I was piloting a business jet approaching Springbank airport which is located west of Calgary. Approaching from the north I was approximately 10 miles north of Cochrane flying parallel to and a couple miles west of highway 22 and descending through 8500' above sea level or about 4500 ' above the ground. It was a bright sunny morning and I was just looking at the scenery when I spotted a black object along the highway maybe 2 miles ahead of me that was moving fast northbound ( towards me). After looking at it for a few seconds I thought I would time it along the section lines on the ground and calculate a speed of this very fast car. Within a few seconds I realized that what I thought was going to be a Corvette in fact was a flat black colored tubular object that was flying low level over the highway. It was cigar shaped and not flying with the end of the cigar pointing forward but perpendicular with the long edge in the direction of flight. As I was flying south at some 230 knots and the object was coming towards me the whole encounter happened fast but fortunately I was getting closer and could get a better look at the craft. As I came abeam the object it was wider than the road and difficult to estimate the height, but probably within a couple hundred feet of the ground. Then maybe stranger than actually seeing this object as it was nearest my position directly off my left wingtip it vanished within 1/2 a second. It quickly turned translucent where I could see a blurred image of the field and road through it while it had a darker edge along the outline of the craft. The object very quickly appeared clearer and within a fraction of a second it disappeared from view. I had no idea what I had seen and scanned the area around the track the object was flying thinking maybe it was the top of a wing of a pipeline patrol aircraft that I had seen and that maybe the aircraft banked and I lost sight of it. Scanning the area it never reappeared. I looked at the TCAS (traffic collision avoidance system ) display in the cockpit that shows all the aircraft that are being interrogated by ATC radar in the area and although there were many other aircraft to the south and west there was nothing on the display near me. looking back towards where I last saw the object I noticed cars on the road heading south and this helped judge the size and speed of the object compared to a "known ground based object". The cars were both much smaller and slower than the object and were within a mile of it when it disappeared. The drivers may have seen the same phenomena. I estimate the object as between 50 -80 feet in length and 15-20 feet wide. It moved on a steady track and at a constant speed. I mentally timed it at crossing a half mile in under 12 seconds or around 160 mph a speed not particularly fast for a small airplane but faster than what patrol aircraft use when flying low level. There were no discernible markings, windows, lights, or other features. Just a flat black rectangular cigar shaped object. The entire encounter was at the most 30 seconds long as the closing speed on the object was in the neighborhood of 400 mph. There were several passengers on the aircraft but they were concentrating on a conversation in the aircraft, I doubt anyone saw the object and I didn't ask as I enjoy my job. Likewise as the object never showed on my TCAS, there wasn't much point in asking ATC if they noticed anything. Besides it had disappeared at that point.

On a side note, as a pilot with 30 years of experience I have seen sights and objects which I could always dismiss as meteors, cloud formations, atmospheric phenomena such as inversions, other aircraft, satellites, etc. Even if this object had kept its track I may have been passed off as some type of UAV, however as I witnessed from a relatively close range the disappearance of the object I have no doubt it was something that is either cutting edge top secret military tech or something that I have no explanation of.

July 3, 2014                         11:30 pm              Gatineau, Quebec                           Source: AQU
CE1                         Duration: 5 minutes                        Rectangle
Strangeness 7    Reliability 8

The witness looked out the window of his room and saw a flying object that was square with rounded corners, dark in colour, at about 20 metres in height (about 2 power poles). On its underside, there was a gray circle that was lit by three yellow lights arranged in a triangle. The object moved slowly, sweeping a very powerful white light on the ground. On the ground, the light formed a perfect rectangle larger than the width of our yard (our yard is about fifteen metres wide) that moved from right to left with a pause between movements very much like a photocopier. And a strange thing, the white light does not seem to come from the craft itself. Such as a car, one has only to trace the origin of lighting to see the headlights of the car, but then there was no original as if the light came from nowhere. The light was following the object but by far back diagonally, with the same speed. And especially the craft proceeded in a straight line with a noise like a jet but less strong.

May 4, 2014        8:15 pm                Lac Superieur, Quebec                                  Source: AQU
Daylight Disc                       2 minutes duration                          Triangle
Strangeness 7    Reliability 8

Around 8:15 p.m. I went to let the cat out the front door of the house. Looking up, I saw a huge triangular object that moved slowly (as if it was floating in the air) from west to east over the house of my neighbor across the street. The object made no sound except a slight dull hum. It had red lights, and the underside of the object also radiated a red light about 4 to 5 feet away. After about 1 minute of observation, I shouted to my husband to come and see the object. He came and watched the object for nearly a minute, and I asked him to get the camera to take a picture of the object. However, by the time he returned, the object had moved away enough to not be visible. At the time of observation, there was no noise in the area which is weird for the time of year. There is a frog pond near the house and usually they sing loudly at night, but there was no sound. The dog that usually barks at squirrels or other "intruders" did not bark during the observation. My son, who was not aware of what we had seen, went out at about 9:30 pm to walk to the dog. He said he heard strange noises (whispers in an unknown language) in the woods, and threw a stick to keep the "intruder" at bay.

January 14, 2014               5:30 pm                St-Zenon, Quebec                           Source: GARPAN
Other (UX)                                                                                          Irregular
Strangeness 8    Reliability 8        

In late December 2013, my wife had seen a UFO stationary above my garage at about 3:30 am. But in January, one afternoon, my wife told me that the garage door was open. Since I had not been to the garage, I thought someone had broken in. I decided to put on my coat and go see for myself. I reached the garage and opened the door. To my shock, just inside the door was this creature… this creature was blue, gray, white. It was hard to say, because it was bright. A bit like phosphorescence. I froze! And, in a second, the "creature" moved very quickly, as if it was flying, and in two or three seconds it was on me and it pushed me... It looked at me, I could see its face, if you can call it a face! Its head was rather elongated, and it seemed that it was covered with a kind of helmet, a kind of very prominent combination, very fitting was on its little body. An elongated body, taller than I am—a person of six feet and one inch (1,85 m). I'm a tall man, but this creature was bigger than me! It did not seem to touch the ground, moving so fast into the woods. I could see its back and I could see that it was humanoid. In 15 seconds it sprinted away; I do not know anyone who can go to that speed, especially, leaving no footprints in the snow! 



2014 Canadian UFO Survey

News Release                                                                                                                     1 May 2015

Canadians still reporting high number of UFOs

2014 Canadian UFO Survey by study group Ufology Research shows UFO reports last year at third-highest level since 1989

The 2014 Canadian UFO Survey has found that 2014 was another good year for UFO-watchers. Data compiled by the private study group Ufology Research, based in Winnipeg, Canada, found that there were 1,021UFO sightings reported nationwide last year. This is slightly down from 2013, but still the third-highest number of UFO cases reported since the group began compiling an annual survey of UFO reports in Canada in 1989. Ufology Research has collected data in more than 15,000 Canadian UFO reports since 1989.

The 2014 Canadian UFO Survey: Summary of Results

·         There were 1,021 UFO sightings reported in Canada in 2014, or almost three each day.  This is the third-highest number of UFO sightings recorded in Canada during the last 25 years, only slightly down from last year.

·         The number of UFO reports received per province is almost identical to a province’s population compared with the rest of Canada. For example, in 2014, Ontario had approximately 37 per cent of all Canadian UFO reports, a percentage almost equal with the percentage of its population compared with the rest of the country. This was true for all provinces except Quebec and British Columbia. Quebec had about seven or eight per cent fewer reports than expected, and BC had about the same percentage more than expected.

·         The Top 5 metropolitan areas with the most UFO reports are (in order of highest): Toronto, Vancouver, Hamilton, Calgary and Montreal (tie), and Edmonton.

·         Although there has been a trend during the past 25 years of having more UFO reports received in the mid-summer months (corresponding to long nights and fair weather for observing UFOs in the night sky), 2014 was exceptional in that the was a marked peak in UFO reports in the early fall. In fact, almost 17 per cent of all reports in 2014 came in September, well above the average of 9.5 per cent for September during the past 25 years.

·         As in previous years, the vast majority of sightings in 2014 were of nocturnal objects. Almost 50 per cent were simply lights in the night sky, and almost 35 per cent were of spheres or other apparently structured objects seen at night. Less than 13 per cent were objects seen during the day, and less than two per cent were cases of Close Encounters.

·         In 2014, most UFO sightings occurred between 9:00 pm and 11:00 pm local time. This peak is about one hour earlier than the 25-year average, and from the year before.

·         In 2014, the average Strangeness rating of UFO reports was 4.26, well above the 25-year average of 3.5 and above last year’s average of 3.67. Strangeness measures the degree to which a UFO report is comparatively unusual, for example a simple light in the sky being 2 or 3, and occupants observed outside a landed craft being about 8 or 9 on the Strangeness ratings scale. The average Reliability rating was similarly up in 2014, suggesting more cases were of higher quality or were better investigated. Most UFO sightings, unfortunately, are not well investigated, leaving the field wide open for speculation and sensationalism.

·         In 2014, about 11 per cent of all UFO reports were classified as unexplained, down from 14 per cent in 2013, which was closer to the 25-year average. In 2014, about 19 per cent of the cases had Insufficient Evidence to form a conclusion, and slightly more than 70 per cent either had definite or probable explanations.

·         The most common colour of reported UFO in 2014 was orange, at 38 per cent of all cases.

·         More than 47 per cent of all UFO sightings were of an object described as a “point source,” or starlike.

·         The typical UFO sighting lasted approximately 13 minutes in 2014, comparable with other years.

Results of this study show that many people continue to report unusual objects in the sky, and some of these objects do not have obvious explanations. Many witnesses are pilots, police and other individuals with reasonably good observing capabilities and good judgement.
Numbers of reported UFO sightings remain consistently high year after year. Several theories for this can be suggested: more UFOs are present and physically observable by witnesses; more secret or classified military exercises and overflights are occurring over populated areas; more people are unaware of the nature of conventional or natural objects in the sky; more people are taking the time to observe their surroundings; more people are able to report their sightings with easier access to the Internet and portable technology; or even that the downturn in the economy is leading to an increased desire by some people to look skyward for assistance.
Although the largest percentage of reported UFOs is simply lights in the night sky, a small number are objects with definite shapes observed within the witnesses’ frame of reference.
Popular opinion to the contrary, there is no incontrovertible evidence that some UFO cases involve extraterrestrial contact. The continued reporting of UFOs by the public and the yearly increase in numbers of UFO reports suggests a need for further examination of the phenomenon by social, medical and/or physical scientists.
More than 15,000 Canadian UFO reports have now been catalogued during the past 26 years by Ufology Research. Reports have come from private individuals, government records, investigation files and through the hard work and dedication of civilian groups who are noted in previous years' surveys.
In previous years, the Canadian UFO Survey was published in print and/or online as an annual publication. Starting with the 2014 Canadian UFO Survey, the data tables will be made available online as per usual, but only a summary of the findings will be posted online. Previous years’ surveys can be viewed for detailed descriptions of methodology, data and analyses.
To place the 2014 results in context, please visit:

For further information, contact:
Ufology Research via e-mail:

Twitter: @ufologyresearch


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UFO Report Checklist for Witnesses

UFO Report Checklist

This UFO Report Checklist is only intended to be a guide; the widely different nature of various UFO sightings requires a flexible approach from investigators. Nonetheless, the following guide should provide basic data that will help investigators understand what you have seen and experienced.

1. Date, time (GMT or local time), and your exact location at the time the UFO(s) was/were observed, including the nearest town or city. (Google Maps can be very useful in this regard; ideally, coordinates acquired via a hand-held GPS if possible when investigator visits site). 

2. Compass direction of object(s) when first and last seen (ideally, exact bearings should be taken onsite).

3. Any irregularities of the above flightpath (stops, direction changes etc.).

4. Elevation of object(s) when first and last seen (e.g. 30°, 60°, 90°, etc.)(Again, exact readings on site are preferred.)

5. Duration of sighting and method used to estimate this (guess, clock, stopwatch, etc.).

6. Description of weather conditions (especially cloud cover, wind speed, temperature and any unusual features).

7. If it was dark, were the stars or the Moon visible? If so, what was the Moon's phase?

8. If it was daylight, where was the Sun in relation to the object(s)?

9. Description of the object(s): shape, colour, size (compared to known object or as measure of a coin held at arm's length, or was it “like a star?”).

10. Description of any sound heard.

11. Did the object(s) look: sharp, solid, metallic, fuzzy?

12. Brightness of object(s) (compared to the full Moon).

13. Any changes in any of the above features during the sighting. 

14. Manner of appearance and disappearance of the object(s).

15. Manner of movement compared with: aircraft, rocket, balloon.

16. Did the object(s) cause any effects on the environment or on you?

17. Were you observing through any form of glass, or window, or instrument?

18. What identifiable object did it most resemble, and why was it not this object?

19. Your name, address, age, occupation and special interests.

20. Any physical defects (e.g. hearing, eyesight).

21. Do you have any experience in observing aircraft, satellites etc.?

22. Have you read any books or magazines about UFOs or related phenomena?

23. What were your feelings experienced before and after the experience?

24. Did you notice anything unusual about your surroundings during the 

25. Have you seen any strange objects in the past?

26. Have you had any strange experiences in the past?

27. To whom was the object reported, and why to this person or organization in particular?

28. Did you talk to anyone about the sighting before the interview, and if so, what reaction did you get?

29. What were your feelings about the object whilst viewing it?

30. How do you feel about it now?

Please email your sighting report to Ufology Research at:

Please provide your contact information so that we may be able to follow-up with you if necessary. Your information is confidential.


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Hit the road, Jack! Part 2

The Jackhead “UFO Crash” story is much more interesting than first believed.

Oh, it’s still a hoax, but it may now be easier to pinpoint who the hoaxer is. As well, new details have emerged as to what happened on the night of February 18, 2015, near Jackhead First Nations, and why there were military vehicles there.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have spoken a few times with officials on Jackhead First Nation, who not only denied there was anything to the rumours about evacuations, crashes and military crackdown, they even laughed at the silliness of the story. Yesterday, I reached out to another logical source for information: the military itself.

I had access to the news release about the military exercise called Arctic Bison 2015, so the details of what had been planned were well known. It was easy to see that a military operation over and on the lake could generate some UFO stories, so that seemed to explain the actual UFO sightings (or alleged UFO sightings, since no reports have been filed by any witnesses; all we have are second-hand stories that some lights and/or a craft was seen).

But what happened that night turned out to be exactly the Search and Rescue mission the military was training for!

The PR guy from the Air Force replied to me in a very open and straightforward manner, giving many details and providing links to photos of what transpired. (Of course, conspiracy buffs will insist that this transparency is exactly what the government would do as part of a disinformation scheme, but that’s for others to debate elsewhere.)

Derek, the military PR guy, wrote: 
“I really appreciate you looking into this a little further and looking for confirmed facts – as you can imagine, we’ve heard some pretty wild things this past week.”
[Conspiracy buffs note: “The military thanking a UFO researcher. Yeah, as if that would ever happen.”]

Immediately, Derek answered a question that some UFO buffs were asking, namely, “What aircraft was seen?” He replied: 
“The aircraft involved in the exercise was a Twin Otter from 440 Squadron - great plane for this terrain, you can see it on the ice on our Flickr. I had a chance to fly in it and land on the lake with the skis - very cool experience…”
And here’s the plane:

Yes, that’s right, we have a photo of the plane. Because the military has a Flickr account. Why?
“I was out with a camera team from Shaw on Thursday, which was the last day the Twin Otter was participating (flew back to Yellowknife on Friday I believe). This is some of the irony - we have nothing to hide, in fact we're trying to tell as many Manitobans/Canadians as possible what we're up to! Thus the Flickr site, news release, media job in general!”
He recognized the irony; the military thought it was being as transparent as possible, and still, hoaxers decided this was an opportunity to enflame conspiracy buffs about a non-existent cover-up! (Shaw, BTW, is a TV network in Canada.)

Here's another photo from the military operation:

And yes, not only do they have a Flickr account, they’re also on Facebook and they even invited a TV news camera crew to be embedded during the training exercises. Not your usual cover-up and lockdown technique.

Oh, and James Bezan (left), the local member of the Canadian Parliament and also Secretary to the Minister of Defence was also present when Arctic Bison 2015 was begun and briefed on the entire exercise:

So this was all planned long in advance of anything ever being reported from Jackhead. The news release went out on the 17th, the day before, but the environmental assessment had been conducted long before. (I can imagine trying to get someone from the Defence department out to inspect the troops takes some planning.)

However, what happened at Jackhead? Well, it turns out that, as I had reasoned, the military operations had nothing to do with the community onshore―until there was a snag.  

I mentioned this was extreme weather conditions, right? In fact, so extreme, the military’s own snowmobiles broke down! (Good thing they were doing the exercise for practice!)

Derek explained: 
“Some of the confusion stemmed from the original route not passing through/by Jackhead. We had not made contact with the community leaders there in advance. Once snowmobiles stopped working due to extreme cold, we needed road access to get them off the lake―this happened to be Jackhead. As soon as we knew we would have trucks passing through Jackhead, I advised my boss to make contact with the local leaders to let them know.”
So, as their news release explains, they normally liaise with local communities they will be approaching, but since they had not planned to go to Jackhead, they didn’t do that. Until they were in serious trouble.

Hence, the military trucks on the Jackhead road and entering the community. But they did ask when it happened, apparently, since it was an emergency.

And as for the stories of photos and “evacuation”… Derek noted: 
“As for restricting access, telling people to stay away, or not to take photos―I would be surprised if anything remotely like this happened. I did hear some of the troops were nervous when they came across people taking photos, but only because they thought they were being scouted to potentially have their gear stolen.”
(Incidentally, that actually has occurred in other situations!)

So, whether or not you believe the military explanation, it does fill in many details and answer many of the questions people have about the Jackhead incident. Witnesses may have seen the plane take off and land, and that would explain the observations of lights either ascending or descending. (Again, however, no one has actually made a report to this effect.)

As for the stories of UFOs over the lake and Jackhead on February 22, the last day of the military exercise, I had thought that this could have been from the wrap-up of the operations at Gimli, perhaps flying past Jackhead.

Derek noted: 
“Feb 22nd was somewhat the last day in the sense that everything was wrapped up and everyone on the road back to their hometowns. The Arctic Response Company Group is made up of Reservist soldiers from across Sask, Man, NW Ont. Everyone was back to Winnipeg by last night (except maybe some last minute cleanup of the headquarters in Gimli), so any activity on the lake last night would not have been us. I am aware of search and rescue training done by the SAR squadrons in the Lake Winnipeg area (I believe you mention this on your site), but not sure about last night.”
So it wasn’t them, if anything was seen at all.

Why am I doubting the reports of UFO activity? Because the reports of UFOs seen may be themselves hoaxes.

Derek pointed out: 
“Finally, one of the photos of the lake is blatantly photoshopped. I googled 'frozen lake winnipeg' to show someone what pressure ridges look like, and lo and behold there's one of the photos but without the foreign object on it.”
He provided the link:

And sure enough, if you compare the photo of broken ice on the lake with the accompanying “crashed UFO” that has been circulating, with the photo taken by a nature photographer three years ago, they match.

So, whomever uploaded the “UFO crash” photo deliberately extended the hoax by photoshopping a "stepped pyramid" spacecraft into the original photo. Go ahead, take some time to play with the images and line them up. I'll wait.

And here's the "artists' conception" of the crashed spacecraft.

Okay, since some of the verbiage regarding witnesses seeing UFOs and being evacuated and told not to say anything, etc., was in accompaniment of the hoax UFO crash photo, I wonder if any of it is true.

In summary: there was no UFO crash. There were military exercises. No one on Jackhead was carted off or anything for taking photos of a crash that didn't occur. It's all a series of fabrications.

The Internet is broken.


Sunday, February 22, 2015


Hit the road, Jack...

No, there was no "UFO Crash" at Jackhead

It all started as a silly late-night gag, and has mushroomed into a major ufological mystery.

Or so conspiracy buffs would have you believe.

On Wednesday night, February 18, 2015, at about 9:00 pm, a friend of mine named Maeengan Linklater sent me a PM on Facebook:

Hey, I'm hearing stories on a ufo in Jackhead First Nation with military trucks heading up there. Hear anything?

Maeengan is a great guy and a fine researcher. He’s also knowledgable about all things Aboriginal and Indigenous, with connections to many First Nations communities. So if he’s heard a story from one of them, there’s something to it. He then added quickly:

However, I think this morning, the Canadian army was going to be doing arctic exercises on Lake Winnipeg.

Ah, so that was it. We usually hear in advance if the Canadian Armed Forces are doing Search&Rescue training, but not all the time. And the west shore of Lake Winnipeg is exactly where these exercises are held. In fact, we get UFO reports a few times a year when the planes drop flares (a la Phoenix Lights) over the lake, giving a spectacular display.

I immediately suspected this is what that night’s stories were about. Usually, however, transports aren’t involved, because they’re air exercises. And Jackhead is a bit north of where the training missions are usually held, near Gimli.

Then Maeengan added:

And, people being asked to evacuate as well.

This wasn’t a regular Search&Rescue exercise. And why would anyone need to be evacuated?

I checked the Canadian Forces website and found the following:

Exercise ARCTIC BISON 2015, held February 13-22 along the length of Lake Winnipeg, focuses on challenging training for the Arctic Response Company Group in austere winter conditions.

Well, that explained it. Open and shut case. But it still didn’t make sense that anyone would be evacuated.

Maeengan told me that the evacuation comment came from a tweet from the First Nations community. I logged on to my Twitter account and searched for “Jackhead.” Sure enough, up came several tweets, including a daytime screen shot of several military transports on a road that looked like it could be in that area.

The first tweet that I found was:

Luke Jacob Thiessen ‏@ljthiessen  Feb 18Seeing photos of military trucks headed into Jackhead, MB, supposedly responding to "crashed UFO." That got weird fast. #JackheadUFO
The early photos were screen shots of a military convoy, although there was nothing to indicate exactly where this was observed.

And then there was:

Grant Hamilton ‏@Gramiq  Feb 18 Brandon, ManitobaWhaaa? Supposed UFO crash in Jackhead, MB, north of Winnipeg.  #XFilesReboot MT #JackheadUFOCrash

I could tell that the story was starting to explode. Somebody did a search on it and found that I had included a sighting in Jackhead in my 1993 Canadian UFO Survey:

Jason Phillips ‏@Feuerbach11  Feb 18@mc79hockey Not the first UFO in Jackhead, apparently:

But then a reporter whom I know quickly posted:

Melissa Martin ‏@DoubleEmMartin  Feb 18Ok we can cancel our tinfoil orders, Jackhead is alien free

And a military tweeter explained:

‏@DerekGagnon1@DoubleEmMartin @thrubeniuk Exercise Arctic Bison began on the weekend, our largest local winter exercise of the year. Annual event.

Well that was that. Except… the tweets kept coming…

Miss Kelly ‏@clairissak  Feb 18So apparently the aliens have landed in Jackhead, MB #JackheadUFO Jackhead Alien ‏
@JackHeadAlienMB  Feb 18Landed here in Jackhead? It's fucking cold here. Just asked my agent to add Manitoba to my do not invade list.

Yes, there was even a JackHeadAlienMB twitter name. And there were many more, including the disturbing:

Nolan Monkman ‏@MonkmanNolan  Feb 18 Wat with the military invading jackhead first nation?


CarChen ‏@CarChen  Feb 18@CNN UFO crashed in Jackhead, MB Canadian Military are on their way over now!

Even when someone from Jackhead tweeted:

Isaiah ‏@ColeCameron99  Feb 18@itsPHILLY204 I can assure you, it has nothing to do with a UFO 😐 I'm from Jackhead and its only a training exercise.

It was ignored completely.

Even when an Aboriginal radio station posted a story about the excitement, giving many details, it didn’t stem the tide:

NCI FM ‏@NCI_FM  Feb 19Jackhead Reserve: alien free since at least 1993 
But then the UFO media took interest, and away it went:

UFO RESEARCH ‏@UFO_RESEARCH  Feb 19UFO Sighting in Jackhead, Manitoba on February 16th 2015 - according to locals was a crash with large mil...  #UFO

Even though there was no actual witness or witness report, the MUFON case file noted:

“according to locals was a crash with large military presence and cordoned off to civilians.”

Other tweets said that the road to the reserve and town had been blocked by military vehicles. My question at this point was, “Which locals?” The only identified and named individuals from Jackhead who posted on Twitter were those who said the whole thing was simply a military exercise and that there was no “UFO crash.”

But the UFO media went nuts:

The badly-named UFOSFacts:

UFOSFACTS ‏@UfosFacts  Feb 19UFO Sighting in Jackhead, Manitoba on February 16th 2015 - according to locals was a crash with large…  #UFOS #OVNIS

The worst offender was the mostly-hoax UFO Youtube channel ThirdPhaseOfMoon, which ran an audio interview of a “guy who knew a guy in Jackhead” with an image from an unrelated UFO case, which many viewers thought was what was seen at Jackhead:

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) quickly posted a story that included an interview with military officials:

CBC Manitoba ‏@CBCManitoba  Feb 19ICYMI: Bright light near Jackhead last night wasn't a #UFO, says military  #cbcmb #manitoba

And a few others, including me, tried to set things straight.

Chris Rutkowski ‏@ufologyresearch No, there was no #UFO #crash in #Jackhead #Manitoba last night, and no one was evacuated by the military. #hoax Sorry, no #Disclosure 
Neal Shepperson ‏@NealShepperson  Feb 19@ufologyresearch @anomalistnews You would say that though wouldn't you...   :D

The next day, after I had thought things had slowed down, I awoke to find the story was going viral. I knew someone had to investigate this story, and it obviously had to be me, since no one else seemed to want to do so. Mainstream media took a look and found quickly it was the military exercise, but I wanted to know who started the rumours, and what was actually seen that led to the report of a UFO?

I easily found a number for the Band Office, and spoke with a council member there. She laughed. She said that if everyone had been evacuated, she wouldn’t have answered the phone. I asked her about the rumours and she said that there was nothing to them at all.

I dutifully reported back on Twitter about what I had learned.

Chris Rutkowski @ufologyresearch  ·  Feb 19 No, there was no #UFO #crash in #Jackhead #Manitoba last night, and no one was evacuated by the military. #hoax Sorry, no #Disclosure

But there was no way that facts were going to get in the way of a good story. Rumours continued to circulate on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and UFO Media about the amazing UFO crash at Jackhead, which was variously described as a town, a reserve and a military base.

Posters insisted that they knew people who had been evacuated, who had been turned away at a military checkpoint, and who had definitely seen UFOs. Many said they knew people from Jackhead First Nation who had witnessed the crash and ensuing cover-up personally.

Of course, no one was talking about it firsthand. Obviously, the conspirators explained, they had been hushed up. Taken away, never to be heard from again.

I tried being the voice of reason again, the following day, as the story continued its viral ascent.

Chris Rutkowski @ufologyresearch  ·  Feb 20Good grief! That #ufo crash story at #jackhead is still going! We looked into it and there's nothing to it, people!

The news coverage, in which the military explained about the exercise, did nothing to stop the rumour mill. In fact, the comments on the news stories show that almost no one believed the explanation.

Things got worse that night when ThirdPhaseOfMoon had a phone-in podcast during which “eyewitnesses” from Manitoba called in to rave about the UFO crash.

Blogger Seashoremary, who posts about conspiracies such as vaccines, NWO and bible prophesy, documented the discussion.

She noted:

Throughout the hour the incoming Canadian callers would get disconnected.  Interference was felt by the radio host and his frustration over the situation. The host was able, during the live broadcast, share information that he had received emails from eye witnesses with texted cryptic information: “Your government needs you.  Keep quiet” pointing  a finger at them.“They told us we have one hour to evacuate.”“That’s all I’m allowed to say.”“Don’t send to anyone.” (implied text message)The eye witnesses have been intimidated and are now afraid to speak out.  People are unhappy with the shut down and the military presence in their area.

In other words, nothing to substantiate any of the claims.

There were also some very fanciful Facebook posts by a Brent Mancheese:

UFO crash reported on the Jackhead reserve in Manitoba, Canada. Apparently the Canadian Military have vehicles lined up on north shore. They are threatening anybody who tries to take pics…lots of eye witnesses. Thur is round object being hauled across the lake being pulled by snow mobiles and bombardier … Something was seen going down by 8 fishermen they reported it…why would they not let the media know if it was a plane crash.

There’s also a question about photographs. The first ones that were posted and reposted widely were the daytime shots of personnel carriers. Then, someone posted a nighttime shot of vehicles on the ice.

And then a daytime shot with annotations has been circulated, and posted on

Seashoremary noted:

The host mentioned he has received photographs that he feels are legitimate but unable to download them onto a video pending consent from the senders who are now not able to communicate outside their territory. According to the radio host, one photo shows that it’s not an airplane but has “definite structure” about half-size of a football field 40′ – 50′.  Another photo shows people running to the scene, including military personnel on snowmobiles.

There's even an "artist's conception of the object on the lake:

One post on showed exactly how far the conspiracy buffs are taking this:

Freetruth • There is also short footage of disk in sky. They have shut down the reservation, no in, no out, have cut off phone internet lines, went door to door, asking if people saw anything, to help investigate, then those who said they did have been detained. Early on stuff got out calls, emails made. If this is nothing then we demand let ALL these people be free safe & accounted for because whether military created or other worldly, the point is this is abuse of citizens, harrass ment, threats, & unlawful detainment. Further gagging freedom of speech or ability to call out for help. Gov mil say simple mil excessive crash, fine & well then release pics images, be done with it. Release ALL you have detained. Leaving them in full possession of their property, phones, computers, cameras etc.. All data. These people did get out to friends asking for help, can't understand why they are being threatened detained etc... Some taken for further questioning.

Many posters on social media really had no idea of what the facts of the case were at all. But the implications of their comments are making things uncomfortable. ThirdPhaseOfMoon’s second podcast stirred things up by stating that the residents on the reserve were mad that the military was covering up such an event on their land.

One poster on February 22nd, three days after the story began going viral, asked:

Kris H ‏@HargoFett
Did a Canadian Roswell just happen? …Why would military conduct exercise on Indian reservation?

The Truth That Won’t Be Believed by Conspiracy Buffs and UFO Fans

First of all, Jackhead is a name given to the Kinonjeoshtegon First Nation on the western shore of Lake Winnipeg, about 300 kilometres due north of the city of Winnipeg. It’s not a military base. In fact, there’s no base anywhere near it.

Jackhead is quite remote, with only a single gravel road leading in from Peguis First Nation and the town of Dallas (really!), about 60 kilometres south, and nothing in between. There are about 225 people who live on Jackhead First Nation, and some fish for a living. There are few other communities anywhere near there. During the winter, weather conditions make it very challenging to travel around or about the lake.

Second, related to the first point about the isolation of the site, the Canadian Forces chose Lake Winnipeg as the perfect place for winter training exercises.

On their website for Arctic Bison 2015:

Exercise ARCTIC BISON 2015 (Ex AB 15) will be conducted by 38 Canadian Brigade Group (38 CBG) from 13-22 February 2015 along the length of Lake Winnipeg.  Ex AB 15 will see approximately 110 members of the Canadian Army travel by snowmobile from Gimli to Grand Rapids, with approximately 40 members remaining in Gimli in the Land Component Command (LCC) headquarters or in supporting roles.  The exercise will focus on the achievement of the Arctic Response Company Group (ARCG) Full Operating Capability criteria, specifically focussing on the ability of the ARCG to force project and sustain itself 300 km from its support base.

In other words, about 70 soldiers were traveling by snowmobile from Gimli far to the south of Jackhead to Grand Rapids far to the north, and because of the nature of the geography, they passed close to the western shore near Jackhead as they travelled.

And what about the aircraft seen?

Ex AB 15 will provide realistic and challenging scenarios in harsh environments to the ARCG to ensure readiness for events that may arise. The exercise scenario will include response to a major air disaster, support to Ground Search and Rescue, and public relations activities in some communities along the shore of Lake Winnipeg.

So they staged a fake airplane crash to practice search and rescue techniques under extreme winter conditions. And the object "dragged along the lake?" The military exercise included constructing an emergency landing strip on the ice, which would have required digging a smooth patch on the ice, and removing the show to a certain depth. That was what is on the surface of the lake in the photograph.

(But yes, they obviously failed in their “public relations activities.” Because even though the Band Council and administrators knew about the military exercise that could pass near the community, the residents themselves were not told enough about what was going to be seen.)

Seashoremary’s transcription of the ThirdPhaseOfMoon’s podcast included the few details what can be thought of as UFO sightings from that night:

“I talked to one eye-witness seen something falling 1:30am Wednesday morning with bluish-green lights, he’s wondering what it was he saw, another honest fisherman said they were told to leave the lake Wednesday and not allowed to take pictures.”

It’s easy to understand these eyewitness descriptions knowing what we know about the operation. The lights in the sky (if that’s where they were seen) were aircraft. As for fishermen told to leave the lake, it would have been dangerous to have civilians near a military operation and were told to leave. As for photos? Well, it was a military operation.

All this is speculation based on the facts of the event. We have not actually heard from first-hand witnesses from the community.

What about the rumours of people being taken from their homes and cut off from the outside world? What we do know is that Internet access out there can be spotty and dependent on phone lines. I was able to reach people in the band office by phone, and it’s obvious that someone out there is on Twitter and Facebook, so Internet access has not been cut off. Nor have posts been removed.

Another thing that should be pointed out is that the military exercise started on February 13th, several days before the “UFO crash.” If a saucer did crash on the night of the 18th, it’s odd that the military would know about it before it happened, and also were in the exact location where it would occur.

There are plenty of second-hand sources of information about evacuation and saucers on the frozen lake, but apart from the fishermen, no one has admitted seeing or experiencing any of the strange events.

This is what’s on

UFO crash reported on the Jackhead reserve in Manitoba, Canada. Apparently the Canadian Military have vehicles lined up on north shore. They are threatening anybody who tries to take pics…lots of eye witnesses. Thur is round object being hauled across the lake being pulled by snow mobiles and bombardier … Something was seen going down by 8 fishermen they reported it…why would they not let the media know if it was a plane crash. Apparently a disc shaped craft was seen crashing through the ice on the lake, at least one person got photographic evidence but has since been detained by the Canadian military.

Let’s look at this summary of the conspiracy line by line.

UFO crash reported on the Jackhead reserve in Manitoba, Canada.
FALSE. A simulated plane crash was on the lake itself, significantly offshore.

Apparently the Canadian Military have vehicles lined up on north shore.
FALSE. There would be supporting military vehicles near the exercises, but this is the west shore.

They are threatening anybody who tries to take pics.
PARTLY TRUE. The military likely was discouraging civilians to take photos.

Lots of eye witnesses
POSSIBLY TRUE. If this refers to the UFO seen, then yes. The rumour says “eight fishermen,” though none have come forward officially. But what else were people witnesses to?

There is [a] round object being hauled across the lake being pulled by snow mobiles and bombardier.
PROBABLY TRUE. The military exercise involves a 300-kilometre trip across the frozen lake in -40F conditions. I sure hope they have plenty of supplies.

Something was seen going down by 8 fishermen.
See above.

Why would they not let the media know if it was a plane crash?
ANSWER: Because there was no real plane crash.

Apparently a disc shaped craft was seen crashing through the ice on the lake.
UNSUBSTANTIATED. There is no report of such an event, and no evidence to this effect. (I hope this did not refer to a military accident involving personnel, but we would have heard of this by now through conventional media if they had.)

At least one person got photographic evidence but has since been detained by the Canadian military.
UNSUBSTANTIATED. Who? Wouldn’t anyone from the community know who this was and object, perhaps going right to media? This would have been something to tweet out for sure, that “John White was arrested by the military.”

So, despite the lack of evidence of the wild claims, the story of the “UFO Crash in Jackhead” continues to go viral. Why did the story get made up, anyway? I suspect because of the general distrust of the military and the poor communication by the Canadian Forces public relations office about is operation, the activity was viewed as suspicious by some people in the remote community.

And the UFO conspiracy community did the rest.


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