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Some Interesting UFO Sightings Reported in 2022


Some Interesting UFO Sightings Reported in 2022

In 2022, out of the 768 UFO/UAP reports that were recorded or received by researchers, a small number were of objects that seemed more interesting than others. These ranged from a saucer-shaped object that hovered over a boat near Vancouver, to an arrangement of lights seen over a field in Quebec. One person submitted 37 separate reports of UFOs photographed by an infrared camera, and there were 45 incidents of interest noted by Transport Canada, including a pilot’s observation of what appeared to be a person in a “wingsuit” at an altitude of 13,000 feet.

Cases of note:

March 3, 2022        6:45 am         Fox Creek      AB      

A witness watched an object in the sky that seemed to have a spiral of light surrounding it. It travelled slowly northeast until the spiral vanished and the light itself went out. Possibly a missile launch. Source: MUFON

July 1, 2022              7:15 pm         Montreal       PQ     

A round, black object moved across the daytime sky, underneath clouds. Possibly a balloon of some kind. Source: MUFON        

July 11, 2022           6:15 am         Alberta Beach          AB      

A line of bright lights appeared in the dawn sky near the horizon before sunrise. Source: MUFON

September 24, 2022         7:00 pm         Ste-Martine  PQ     

While driving, witnesses watched a group of bright lights stationary above trees along the horizon. Source: AQU

June 6, 2022            1:58 pm         Lodgepole     AB      

A trio of bright objects moved slowly, altering their formation as they flew across the distant hills. Source: MUFON

March 29, 2022      5:45 am         Yellowstone              AB      

A bright object was seen several mornings as it moved near the witness. Later, footprints thought to be from a Bigfoot were found. Source: MUFON

September 10, 2022         8:00 pm         Vancouver    BC      

Witnesses reported that a large, disc-shaped object, with a mirror-like finish on its underside, hovered over their sailboat on the Fraser River. Source: MUFON

October 24, 2022   8:05 pm         Edmonton     AB      

A loud noise like an explosion was heard. Then a grey, vibrating, boomerang-shaped object moved above a terrified witness before it flew away. Source: MUFON

June 19, 2022          2:15 am         Tunnel Lake  ON     

A witness observed a bright object with several distinct sections within it, appear and move slowly southeast. It stopped in the sky for 30 seconds then continued on its way. Source: MUFON         

June 28, 2022          8:02 pm         Gatineau       PQ

An automatic infrared camera recorded a fast-moving object that flew past its field of view in less than two seconds. Although this is likely just an insect beating its wings as it went by, 36 other photographs like this were submitted as reports in 2022 by the same individual. Source: NUFORC

June 16, 2022          5:54 am         Toronto         ON     

A pilot reported seeing what was described as “a person in a wingsuit” flying at an altitude of 13,000 feet. The incident was filed with Transport Canada.

July 6, 2022              5:06 pm         Spruce Grove           AB      

A witness said he was followed by a black, triangular object that buzzed him and flew away. Later, chunks of what appeared to be molten metal were found on the ground where he had been standing. Source: MUFON


The infra-red camera was not automatic and the object recorded was not a bug. You haven't even seen the video.
It was a bug. It is a classic example of what a bug looks like when it passes in front of a camera.
I don't know what kind of bugs live in your world, but that's no bug where I live. And it wasnt "near the camera". It was likely around 1,000 feet away. A bug near the camera would have had no features at all because the camera - actually binoculars - was focused on "infinity". And you're ignoring the earlier picture I sent to NUFORC where it was bright, then lost its brightness to reveal features. I have other more clearly saucer-like videos that went the other way - had features that were lost when they brightened while departing. It resembles somewhat an object accidentally filmed by, I believe, Fox some years ago, though that object had four extensions. This one has eight - not the same, but of the same type. Bugs have six legs - not 4 or 8. Peter Davenport knows of that case. If this were a "classic" bug, I'm sure I'd have been overwhelmed with the same or similar types. This is evidence of a technology hidden from view by the naked eye but visible in infra-red - and I captured numerous examples. .
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