Tuesday, April 20, 2021


The Venusians giveth, and the Venusians taketh away...

And just like that....

Remember the news just a few weeks ago that UFO sightings were up during 2020? And we thought it had something to do with the pandemic?

e.g. The New York Times:
"They are not alone: U.F.O. Reports surged during the pandemic"

And my usually ignored Canadian UFO Survey results:
"Survey suggests Canadians looked to the skies, saw more UFOs during the pandemic"

Well, we're still in the pandemic, but...

So far in 2021, the first quarter shows a large decrease in numbers of UFO reports!

MUFON is down 40% of Canadian UFO report numbers from the same time in 2020, and NUFORC numbers are even worse, down about 65%!

UFOs seem to have suddenly gone away!

Do you suppose the aliens know something?


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