Sunday, July 28, 2019


A ufological first: a disc-shaped UFO over over Canada, with an interesting twist

I usually don't look through the current year's UFO reports in great detail until after December, when I begin the arduous process of sorting, coding, and entering the data into the Canadian UFO Survey database. Sometimes, as a case comes to my attention, and it seems to need further study or examination, I pull it out and act on it accordingly.

Since most UFO reports aren't like that, it's not something that happens very often. And especially when a case obviously has a simple explanation, like a "green orb" photo by someone taking a picture towards the Sun, or a starlike light high in the sky that turns out to be, well, a star.

So when I saw an entry in UFO Stalker about a recent report from northern Quebec, it didn't immediately strike me as all that interesting. 

It's case number 101921 in the MUFON listing.

On July 10, 2019, at about 11:30 pm local time, a witness was traveling by plane from Los Angeles to the UK, flying high over Canada on a standard great circle route. According to his calculations, he was over the general area of Killiniq Island at the tip of Labrador. (It's actually part of Nunavut.) He happened to look out his cabin window and saw a dark circular object somewhat below the plane and some distance away. He lost sight of it and then saw a second object he thought:

looked like a flying saucer with a dome shape in the middle of the craft. silver in color it stood out against the white of the cloud cover behind it. the saucer was just sitting there not moving. there were no lights on it, no markings. it just hovered there as we passed by. 

He grabbed his phone and began taking a video:

i was able to get video but the turbulence of the aircraft made it a tad difficult to focus and the camera zoom isn't the greatest. my eyes on it confirmed it was there. regardless of the video i saw it and would testify it was a flying saucer hovering there with other one at roughly the same altitude but further from our plane. they were both just hovering there, no movement, no lights.

By itself, the photo does indeed appear to show a disc-shaped object, but it's impossible to judge its distance or size.

However, the video provided by the witness is much more revealing. When the camera zooms out so we can see the entire cabin window, we can also see the horizon, and realize that the disc-shaped object is much lower than the plane.

In fact, it's on the ocean.

This was indeed a first for me: a UFO that can be explained as... an iceberg.


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