Thursday, May 30, 2019


Recent UFO reports in 2019

While everyone is all agog over the media interest in five-year-old UFO sightings by US Navy pilots (but not actual reports, only witness testimony), UFO sightings continue to trickle in to reporting agencies.

The start of the week actually began with a flurry, as Elon Musk's Starlink set of 60 satellites was launched by SpaceX, resulting in many good observations of the long line of starlike lights stretched across the sky.

This meant of course that witnesses reporting these IFOs were not making details up nor were fabricating wild stories. The UFOs were seen and identified as IFOs. This adds weight to the view that people reporting UFOs are seeing real objects.

During the course of the week, UFOs were reported at a regular rate. No "Golden Age" of UFOs, nor a "new reality" where governments have declared aliens are in fact visiting Earth.

Just the usual reports of lights in the sky for the most part, and most have possible explanations.

Recent UFO Sightings Reported to Ufology Research

May 7, 2019   10:45 pm      Telkwa, BC
Bright light appeared in sky, vanished after 2 secs.

May 21, 2019                        South Indian Lake, MB
Starlike light suddenly flared and “took off”

May 21, 2019  10:45 pm     Sudbury, ON
Obj. like “horizontal oval” appeared then flew off quickly after 2 secs.

May 24, 2019   11:45 pm    Ladysmith, BC
100 lights in a row flying in straight line SE

May 24, 2019    11:25 pm               Cap-des-Rosiers, Gaspe, PQ
40-50 lights in line stretching across sky

May 24, 2019    11:39 pm   Williams Lake, BC
Three dozen starlike lights like satellites going W-E in straight line

May 25, 2019    12:30 am   Shag Harbour, NS
20 lights in a line travelling to the north

May 25, 2019    12:43 am   Allan, SK
Line of stars across sky

May 25, 2019                        Pleasant Lake, NS
Bright light in sky moving around unlike star, “10 minutes before Starlink launched”

May 27, 2019                        Pelican Rapids, MB
At sunset, a bright light was seen to be joined by another before both flew E

May 27, 2019    1:30 am      Barrie, ON
Large triangular obj. with 4 white lights moved across sky for 2 mins.

May 27, 2019                        Minnedosa, MB

String of lights seen in sky


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