Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Going deep into the UFO archives

In preparation for moving much of my collection of books and other materials about UFOs, I have been going through my files in detail. I’ve been finding many things I had completely forgotten about, as well as many things I had thought had been lost over the years.

And I’ve found some gems. Like letters from contactees imparting to me the true nature of the universe and the name of the planets their aliens come from (“Excelsior” and “Zanthar-3” were my favourites.) Or programs from scientific conferences where I had been invited to present papers on the taboo subject of UFOs.

Among them was the original invitation from 1977 to speak at the University of Manitoba at a colloquium in the physics department “to faculty and students.” 

This was the talk that had to be moved to the largest lecture hall on campus because so many people wanted to attend from beyond the campus community, including media. It led to my becoming “the UFO guy” and to my encouragement to speak widely on the subject across Canada. 

The colloquium was even reviewed in the university newspaper, allowing even more people to find out about me. 

I did numerous TV and radio interviews that year, likely damaging my reputation among my physics peers but making me realize that the general public needed some serious education on the subject of UFOs.

This wasn’t my first media appearance regarding UFOs. That was actually Uforum, the cable TV show on UFOs that I was involved with in 1975. It lasted one season of six episodes, all of which have been lost to time.

[Aside: I only predated Tom DeLonge and his media push for UFO programming by about 45 years.]

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