Saturday, January 02, 2016


Clinton and the UFOs

So, a surprising number of people have been posting links to this article, describing an end-of-year news scrum with Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

This is simply ridiculous. Hillary had no choice but to say she would open the books about UFOs. In a scrum with reporters, who had already asked her about important issues, when Steer asked her in front of everybody, she could have ignored him, mocked him or tolerated him. 

Only one avenue would save face in front of media. Interpreting that as admitting she is interested in UFOs is absurd. And saying that to get the "UFO vote?" Please. That's so insignificant as to not be worthy of consideration. 

Yes, I know about all the previous remarks that the Clintons (both of them) have made about UFOs on national TV. And I'm not convinced any of them imply they know something about UFOs and aliens, or are interested on more than a casual basis, even with X-Files fan John Podesta involved.

Looked at objectively, her public statement does not imply Disclosure in any way. It was simply a remark to indicate her ability to dance around awkward questions. 

A good ability for a president to have, by the way.


CNN had a story about Clinton's comment, rather astutely noting it was A JOKE!
During a meeting with The Conway Daily Sun, Hillary Clinton jokingly pledged to look into UFO's, an article from the New Hampshire paper says.
"Yes, I'm going to get to the bottom of it," Clinton said, tongue-in-cheek, in response to a question from reporter Daymond Steer on UFOs.


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