Saturday, September 05, 2015


Physical Trace Cases in Canada

With the help of Ashley Kircher and Geoff Dittman, I have produced an annotated list of Crop Circles and Other Physical Traces Associated With UFOs in Canada.

Above: One of 12 crop circles found near Rossburn, Manitoba, in 1979. The ring looks dark not because of burning, but because the damp conditions caused the swirled and crushed wheat to begin rotting in the field. Of course, these rings predated the British "beginning" of the crop circle phenomenon by many months.

I'm not entirely sure what use it might be or who might have interest in this, but I had been going through my files and found my investigations and research on crop circles from the 80s and 90s. I gathered up all the case files and clippings and other citations and came up with a list of more than 100 (I actually didn't count them) separate physical trace cases that have been reported in Canada.

Because crop circles are simply a special case of physical traces (and I note that as with many physical trace cases, no associated UFO is necessary for such a record), they were included in the list. Although I investigated many of the cases in the list myself, others came from a plethora of other sources, some of which are no longer accessible or able to be confirmed.

While I think I have a pretty thorough list, I can imagine that some cases were missed for one reason or another. It will be updated if required.

Another thing: it should be obvious to even the casual ufology fan that physical trace cases are almost absent now from UFO literature. It's ironic perhaps that hard physical evidence of UFOs is no longer found despite modern advances in technology that might be used for analyses of such discoveries.

Or perhaps, the aliens are being a bit more careful not to leave behind evidence of their passing.


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