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July 22, 1954: Flying saucers over Kenora

From the Ufology Research archives:
UFOs over Clearwater Bay, Kenora and Winnipeg, this day in 1954!

On July 22, 1954, Fred Alcock was at his home on Clearwater Bay just a few miles to the west of Kenora, Ontario. Early in the evening, he was sitting on the dock behind his cabin looking out over the water, when he saw three strange, saucer-shaped objects that were clearly defined, gray-metallic in color, with wide shallow domes on the top surface. A veteran of the RCAF, Alcock instantly knew he was not seeing ordinary aircraft. The discs were travelling west when they came to a stop above an island about 10 miles away. Silhouetted against the blue sky, the objects hovered for approximately two minutes. When the objects departed, they did so in a startling manner. Said Alcock: ''They were just―swoosh―gone!"

About 20 minutes later, five objects flying in V-formation zoomed over Winnipeg, 30 miles west of Clearwater Bay. For about 30 seconds the formation was in view as it crossed over the city heading west. A Royal Canadian Air Force officer who watched the formation pass overhead said later the object were: "oval and definitely metallic." Another witness told the press the objects resembled “brilliant balls" similar to Christmas tree ornaments.
The following evening, July 23, 1054, six other orange-yellow spherical objects passed over Kenora. About three miles southwest of town, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Cartwright watched the objects through binoculars. The Cartwrights said the round objects became elongated while in view and they suggested the objects were flat discs turning on their horizontal axis.

The case was also included in Loren Gross' booklet 
UFOS: A History: 1954 June-August.


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