Friday, July 17, 2015


About those M-Files

News was slow to trickle out, but media finally did pick up on the release of the M-Files.

The media coverage started locally, then expanded somewhat:

From California:

to Maine:

And then some.

Most of the stories originated with one interview I did with Canadian Press (kind of the equivalent of Reuters or AP). The only concern was that a phrase I used was taken out of context and is the lead or headline in most versions of the news story.

I did not say that "we are being visited" in the sense most people think.

What I did say was that witnesses' reports of aliens or what they term spacecraft suggest that we are being visited, but that there's not proof of such visitation. But I share other astronomers' views that life probably exists elsewhere in the universe, though how it could travel between the stars is unknown.

That translated into a paragraph stating:
The witness reports, which have common themes and descriptions, suggest "we are being visited."
"That doesn't mean that aliens are invading Canada in any way, but it simply means there are unusual reports of things in the sky," [Rutkowski] said. "It certainly says that we probably are not alone in the universe and that there probably are some sort of alien civilizations out there somewhere but there is no proof of that."

"We are being visited"

I don't know how the UFO reports "certainly" imply we are not alone, but "c'est la vie."

The one unfortunate thing is that the news stories don't give the links for readers to go to for more information.

Here's the complete M-Files Report:

Including a link to the raw data of 2,023 cases, in PDF. Anyone can use the search function to find their favourite Manitoba town.

I provided some additional information on my blog post about it:

It's also important to remember that the Manitoba study is partially related to the 25-year comprehensive national survey of  Canadian UFOs, which is available at:

And its 15,000 or so cases are searchable at:

The general website for the Canadian UFO Survey is:

Finally, I should note that all of this would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of Geoff Dittman and Ashley Kircher. Go team!


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