Thursday, April 03, 2014


Bill Clinton and UFOs

It didn't take long for the Conspiracy Theorists and Disclosure Proponents (CT&DPs) to jump on the recent comments by Bill Clinton in response to questions from Jimmy Kimmel about UFOs. 

First salient point: He's not saying anything he hasn't said before. 

Second point: He said there were no aliens at Roswell. So, since CT&DPs insist politicians (even retired ones) lie about everything, there really must have been aliens there. (Corollary: Paul Hellyer, darling of CT&DPs, says aliens are definitely here, so being a retired politician too, he must be lying. And therefore aliens do not exist.) 

Third point: Clinton stated a belief held by most astronomers and the public that aliens probably exist elsewhere in the universe. Which is nothing that you can't read about in any pop science publication. 

In other words, there's no news here, people.


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