Thursday, April 10, 2014


Ann Druffel's recommendations about working with UFO abductees

Noted ufologist Ann Druffel published an article all the way back in 1987, making recommendations on how to deal with UFO abductees.

At the time, alien abduction research was still in its infancy, so her suggestions and her classification of UFO abductees (and contactees) is interesting reading for those wishing to "support" people who are now known as "UFO experiencers."

In short, she found that only two of the six classifications of UFO abductees would benefit from support groups, and that ufologists working with most abductees would have a lot of difficulty. She also spoke out very strongly on having clinical professionals such as psychologists and medical doctors (including psychiatrists) help evaluate and treat abductees for their "emotional damage" caused by either the trauma of their experiences themselves or by the consequences of their coming forward with their stories. In many cases, Druffel noted, abductees/contactees have histories of neuroses, relationship issues, social problems and poor work histories.

And yet, here we are, more than 25 years later, and abductee "support groups" are continuing to chug along, often without adequate medical support for people with emotional trauma.

Thanks anyway, Ann.


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