Friday, January 03, 2014


Update to First Canadian UFO report of 2014

As the flurry of New Year's Eve UFO reports start to make their way through the system, it's interesting to see the excitement in California and Oregon about the many sightings there. Breathlessly, UFO buffs are posting and reposting reports of multiple lights moving slowly (although in some cases, quickly) through the night sky that are DEFINITELY NOT FIREWORKS.

Of course, many are. Many are also Chinese lanterns and remote control helicopters and drones.

After I posted the note about the UFO over Maple Ridge on January 1, 2014, I was asked to look at a case also from Maple Ridge, but a few hours before.

Here's the report, from MUFON:
My wife and I stepped outside onto our back yard deck to have a cigarette just before 10:30 pm new years eve. Our back yard is situated facing due North. I happened to look up to see if the stars were out yet since I enjoy star gazing when ever possible. I noticed the two bright star like objects (#1 and #2) in the North Western sky, at approx. 35 (#2) and 45 (#1) deg above the horizon. The left most "star" (#2) was positioned at approx. 8:00 o'clock from the right one (#1). What surprised me was that they were identical in size,light coloration, intensity and were non-moving (their apparent size remained constant). I turned and asked my wife if the two stars were red or was my eye sight failing me. She confirmed the coloration and we kept watching in awe. For some reason my gaze started to wander and I caught sight of another "star" (#3)of the same size,coloration and intensity as the other two but this one was moving in a uniform arced vector from a 15 deg point of first sight above the horizon in a NW and vertical arced trajectory till it was positioned at approx. 30 deg above the horizon and at 6:30 o'clock from the first right most "star" (#1). When the third "star" reached its location it just stopped and the left most one (#2) started to grow smaller until we couldn't see it any more,this took about 30 sec. Just as the left one disappeared out of sight the two remaining started to grow smaller until both disappeared from sight, again this took about 30 sec. It appeared that the three "stars" had traveled in a perfect trajectory away from us since they just grew smaller in size with no wavering or erratic flight until they were out of sight.
Although this report is much more detailed, it is easy to see how much it resembles the from from the following morning. It should be clear, though, that this sighting could also be lanterns. That the lights "grew smaller in size with no wavering or erratic flight until they were out of sight" simply means the air current was stable and that the objects were carried away in a smooth trajectory. By this point in the observation, though, the objects were several miles away and any wavering or irregularity to their movement would not be perceptible, anyway.


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