Monday, January 06, 2014


More on those orange lights

A Ufology Research blog reader, Vince, comments:
I read with interest your newest posting about ‘orange lights’ phenomenon.  I have noticed this description in the reports increasingly often over the last ten or twelve years.
 Far and away the commonest sighting now, from what I can see, is nocturnal lights, orange in colour and often described as being in ‘triangular formation’.  Clearly, any three things floating in the air at a distance HAVE to make a triangle, and the random floating movement of each point of that triangle could be mistaken for intricate maneuvers or rapid movements of some imagined solid object that the lighted points seem to outline.
 As for the orange colour – Chinese lanterns , as you note, could look like & actually ARE orange-ish lights.  But I think you are also correct that atmospheric distortion might well bend or mask red & white nav lights into a murky yellow/orange/brown.
 Two completely sane explanations.

Vince is of course completely correct in his note about "triangular" formations of lights in the sky. Any group of three lights in the sky are in, by definition, a triangular formation. So whenever I heard the description "three lights in a triangle," I recognize it at once as a red herring. Many UFO buffs make the incorrect assumption that it implies the lights are on a triangular object, which is usually not accurate. In fact, I would suspect that most reports of "huge triangular craft" are simply observations of three widely-separated lights.

And yes, they are sane explanations.

But Vince didn't stop there. He then raised some very good questions about the orange UFOs:
Question for me is, why is the ‘orange lights’ report so incredibly common particularly over the last decade? It definitely was NOT as common decades ago.  I remember a lot of reports of red, white, blue, green lights – often alternating flashes or thrumming of these colours on some unknown object.  This type of report seems to have gone by the wayside.  Now we have the NL, orange, in formation.
 So, a fad, then?  To me this is one of the most fascinating aspects of the whole phenomenon.  How much of it is purely sociological or psychological? 
Indeed. Why has orange been such a predominant colour in recent decades? It wasn't all that long ago that "green fireballs" were the most common.

Is there a psychological component at work?

Thanks, Vince!


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