Thursday, January 02, 2014


First Canadian UFO report of 2014

It took longer than I expected, but I finally received the first Canadian UFO report for 2014:
On January 1, 2014, a witness reported seeing a UFO or something unknown in the sky in Maple Ridge, BC.  He was in his hot tub at 00:10 PST New Year's Day when he saw 4 objects in the sky moving from south to north at a great altitude.  The objects were orange or yellow in colour but not glowing; they were in formation an estimated 1/4 mile apart. They stopped, then flew towards the west. They were visible for about 5 or 6 minutes. The sighting was reported to the RCMP.

Well, as I pointed out to someone, the likelihood of these being Chinese lanterns is pretty strong.


So I'd say the odds are pretty good we're talking about Chinese lanterns in this case.

Or not.


Thank you for the lesson in Chinese Lanterns, Chris. The more information we can arm ourselves with the less ignorant we become! Cheers!
You are most welcome, Ms Claudette! This was simple to evaluate. I'm disappointed that the California and Oregon reports from New Year's Eve are being touted as "not fireworks" and therefore something mysterious. The fact that they were reported on NYE alone would make it obvious they were manmade, but c'est la vie!
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