Friday, December 27, 2013


From the Ufology Research Library

The Ufology Research Library contains of UFO-related materials, including books, magazines, journals, pamphlets and documents. Among the more obscure items is a mint set of stamps from the island country of Grenada,

Originally a British Colony, Grenada became an independent country in 1974 and voted for its first prime minister, Eric Gairy, in 1976. Unfortunately, opposing political parties did not accept the result of the elections, and Gairy was overthrown in 1979. The unfolding civil unrest led to the United States invading of the country in 1983, withdrawing by the end of that year.

However, while Gairy was in office, he publicly expressed many unusual opinions, including his view that aliens were about to invade the Earth, as evidenced by the many UFO sightings around the world. Using his seat at the United Nations as a vehicle, he called for the creation of a special United Nations Task Force to investigate UFO reports. Amazingly, UN Secretary U Thant agreed to hold a UFO Conference at the UN, at which Gairy hosted a press conference and heard presentations by major UFO experts.

Gairy with Allen Hynek at the United Nations:

A clip of the UN UFO hearing in 1978 can be found here.

Unfortunately, it was while Gairy was attending the presentations in New York that a coup took place in Grenada.

In 1978, Grenada issued a set of stamps commemorating Gairy's presentations at the 32nd Regular Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1977.


I didn't realize there were stamps made. How interesting, Chris!
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