Wednesday, August 07, 2013


Top Ten List of Unusual Manitoba Attractions

If you're still looking for something interesting to check out during the last few weeks of summer in Manitoba, here is the 

Top Ten List of Unusual Manitoba Attractions

1. Giroux Magic Museum; the only museum dedicated to magic and illusion in Western Canada
2. Carberry Desert; a desert, on the Canadian prairie
3. Swan River Magnetic Hill; where your car "mysteriously rolls uphill"
4. Falcon Lake UFO Landing Site; take the guided tour on horseback into forest
5. Sasquatch Footprint Cast in The Pas Museum; real? fake? you be the judge
6. St. Norbert Ghost Hike (Aug 22, 2013); free bannock and marshmallows too
7. Bannock Point Petroforms; turtles, bison and snakes, oh my!
8. West Hawk Lake Meteorite Crater; the entire lake is the crater
9. White Horse Plains Statue; the legend is said to continue today, as a white horse roams the fields
10. Manipogo Beach Provincial Park; what just broke the surface of the water? still want to swim?


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