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But Siriusly, Folks...

Today, April 22, 2013, the long-awaited documentary Sirius is released, premiering in advance of the
Congressional Hearings on Disclosure. It's been billed as a revolutionary work that advances the "truth" about aliens coming to Earth, as evidenced by the analysis of an "alien body" discovered in South America. It's claimed that DNA evidence proves it's not from Earth.

But that's just a small part of the film. A large chunk is devoted to exposing the large-scale cover-up of alien intervention, including First World suppression of antigravity devices, "free energy" generators and the terrestrial military abduction of civilians.

So, there's nothing really new here that hasn't been promoted by conspiracy buffs and sensational ufology for the past several decades. It would have been nice to get a film that could concentrate on the "alien body" question, since that at least is some physical evidence that can be tested. Unfortunately, rolling it in with standard conspiracy material weakens the "disclosure" aspect somewhat.

I don't really want to get into the whole "disclosure" thing. I've posted elsewhere that I doubt any kind of "disclosure" as is envisioned by its proponents will ever occur. I also don't buy the "confirmation" version of disclosure that is currently making the rounds. Whether it's a "soft release" of information or actual whistleblowing, it doesn't make sense that whomever has the real story will allow it to go public in such a manner. If anything, the hype around disclosure and the aligning with conspiracy theorists will only make the possibility of rational discussion about the subject less likely.

And then there's the mummified alien body.

Contrary to what most people are being told, this odd artefact isn't new. In fact, it was first discussed ten years ago in South American publications. And a thorough review was presented by noted research Antonio Huneauus earlier this year:

The little, doll-like body was found near La Noria in the Atacama desert region of Chile, a decade ago. It had been discovered by Oscar Muñoz, a scavenger who made a living partly by going through landfill looking for valuable items that could be reused or sold. As the article describes (via Google Translate):
Muñoz was sifting through the refuse when he found “something wrapped in burlap with a purple bow.” Unwrapping it, he found “a small body in perfect condition.” The body “smelled bad―not from decay, but as a result of having been buried with human waste.” Significantly, Muñoz took it home and “changed its ‘diapers.’”
One of the first to publicize it was:

The mummy was bought by Ramón Navia-Osorio, the head of a Spanish UFO group. (That's how it ended up being examined by the Barcelona scientists.) It had been in his possession for many years. He managed to get it examined by forensic experts at the Royal Academy of Science in Barcelona, but they apparently refused to take it seriously. In fact, one opinion advanced was that it was put together from bird bones.

A more scientific study looked at x-rays of the body, plus some morphological examinations, and concluded:

Taken as a whole, the proportions of the anatomical structures (skeleton and softer parts), the level of development of each one of its bones and its macroscopic configuration, allow us to interpret it without any shadow of doubt as a completely normal mummified fetus… Both based on the total length of the body as well as the length of the bones, it can be estimated that it’s a fetus in an approximate gestation period close to 15 weeks.
If Muñoz's description of how he found the mummy is accurate, it could make sense that the artefact is a mummified aborted or newborn fetus, wrapped up by its mother (and tied with a ribbon!) and abandoned in the landfill. The reference to a "diaper" is a pretty good indication of the overt sadness of the story, too.

Despite this, the ufological community seems to be hedging its bets by suggesting that the results of analyses of the humanoid artefact are inconclusive, and that it may be extraterrestrial after all. Greer apparently heard about it a few years ago and flew to Spain to see it firsthand. The result is the crowdsourced film that opens today.

Now, if Greer has managed to get some accredited scientists and forensic experts to look at this artefact and are willing to go on record that its DNA is different from that of a human fetus, that would be worth some significant discussions.

The publicity for the film is accurate, in that if the little mummified body can be shown not to be human, it will cause a true paradigm shift.

If not, what's the fuss about?

Oh, and yes, I want to see the film myself.

Updated April 23, 2013:
Report on Atacama artefact identifies Dr. Garry Nolan as scientist who studied it, but reviewer notes those looking for answers will be: "disappointed by a lack of concrete information" in the report.

Second update, April 23, 2013:
Huffington Post says: "...the film, which premiered Monday in Hollywood, features a scientist who concluded the little humanoid was human."


I, like you, remembered seeing this little creature quite a while ago while doing some online research. This sensationalism does nothing to the credibility of the ufology field. Here's a conspiracy thought...this movie is here to see how many people will publicly support the Greer bandwagon, so when the truth of this sorry little body is revealed, the supporters will now lose their credibility within the field of research.
I have no interest in seeing this film, more of the same conspiracy claptrap and ET nonsense. You can see this film and review it here at your blog Chris, so as to spare the rest of us the uh burden of having to bother going to see this dreck.

It's worth adding that this conspiracy talk about Disclosure is not just silly, it's sinister. Conspiracy guff goes hand in hand with fascist and cryptofascist ideologies. I'm not saying everybody who believes there is some cover-up re ET by the US govt or military is a fascist, just that it tends in that direction - conspiracy thinking is bread and butter to fascist ideology across the political spectrum, from the far Left to the far Right.
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