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What is it about New Year's Day UFOs?

Last year, on New Year's Day 2012, there was a rash (or flap) of UFO sights across the country. Since there is an average of three UFO reports per days in Canada, having more than a dozen is rather curious. That's all: curious.

But this year, it happened again.

January 1, 2013, saw many UFO sightings reported to various websites and organizations across Canada, including Vike, Davenport, Ufology Research, PSICAN and others. There are a few possible reasons, as I see it. First, there are more people outside on New Year's Eve than most nights during the Canadian winter. hence, more potential witnesses. Second, the oft-invoked Chinese lanterns are definitely launched on New Year's Eve by revelers.

Sightings from New Year's Day are split between early-morning sightings and early evening reports. The former are likely caused by a combination of the two effects noted above. Why there would be a cluster of evening cases is not clear.

Here is a preliminary list of the cases from January 1, 2013:

12:00 midnight
Fort Saskatchewan, AB
4 bright yellow lights in perfect square, with 5th following behind, heading E. Disappeared after 3 mins.

12:00 midnight
_______, AB
Red light moving across sky, not blinking, no sound.

After midnight
Fort Saskatchewan, AB
Saw 2 lights “wiz around the lake for a couple of minutes, then disappear.”

Just after midnight
Langley, BC
Three reddish-orange lights slowly going E-W, faded 1 by 1 after about a minute

12:02 am
Winnipeg, MB
5 bright orange lights grouped in sky, turned red one by one and flashed and vanished. All headed north.

12:03 am
Winnipeg, MB
4 “craft” in sky: red-orange objects, as if on fire, heading north. Vanished by 12:08 am.

12:10 am
Whistler, BC
2 amber-coloured lights traveling south for 10 to15 seconds.

12:20 am
Waterloo, ON
Two orange/yellow lights noiselessly flew low in sky, vanished after 2 mins.

12:20 am
Woodbridge, ON
5 yellow/orange objs. With incandescent glow. Going SE, flickered as they flew noiselessly.

12:34 am
Prince Albert, SK
Four orange lights “floating around the sky.” Moved fast, then slowly, crossed paths.

1:00 am
Toronto, ON
Ball or orange/yellow light steadily going SE, went behind cloud.

1:00 am
Toronto, ON
Light over city. Was originally white, turned orange, then red. Climbed heading SE, then dimmed until lost to sight.

7:45 pm
Wasaga Beach, ON
Orange light going W-E over Georgian Bay. Duaration about 1 minute.

8:13 pm
Montreal, PQ
Four bright orange lights hovering over west Montreal.

8:15 pm
Montreal, PQ
6 lights over Montreal Island.

9:30 pm
Hornby Island, BC
Large red object in orange mist rose from horizon for about 10 mins. And 10 blue “orbs” extended in arch across sky, for eight hours.

10:00 pm
Kitsilano, BC
Red-orange light going ESE, stopped for 2 mins, then gained altitude and dimmed.

10:00 pm
Kitsilano, BC
3 orange lights in sky, 2 moving east and rising, 3rd dropping lower

Just an added note, however:  In addition to the nineteen reports from January 19, there were seven from December 31, 2012, supporting the "New Year's Eve Effect."


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