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Large UFO seen by children in Nova Scotia

I received a report that two children saw a large UFO on January 8, 2013, at about 5:30 pm. The location was Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia, about 40 minutes east of Dartmouth.

The two, a boy, 10 years old and a girl, 7, had been sledding (or "coasting," as they call it there) on some small hills near their homes when they suddenly saw a very large object coming towards them, flying low over trees south of their position.

They said they heard a beeping noise which caused them to look up, and that's when they saw the object that was "shaped like a massive hotel," and "like a big ball." Although it was already dusk, there was enough light that they could see the black colour of the object. It had several yellow lights on its body, "two in front, a couple on the sides and some in the back," as well as two "brown legs sticking out from the bottom." In addition, there was a "gun" sticking out of the left side of the object's midsection.

The boy drew the following sketch of the object:

Apparently, there was some kind of windows on the surface of the object.

Both children were scared, and said they "started shaking" when the strange craft approached. The older of the two children said they watched it for about two minutes, "then it was gone... zoom!" It apparently flew over a nearby house, then out of sight behind some trees and was lost to sight.

The young girl drew the following:

I managed to speak with the boy's mother, who explained that she believes her son saw something, but told him "You better be telling the truth!" She said he is not prone to making up stories or telling lies, and that he seemed to be serious.

She took his story so seriously, in fact, that she contacted the RCMP, which dispatched an officer to their house. The boy's mother said she was impressed that her son's story "didn't change at all," implying that he had really seen something odd and that he was not simply making up a story in coercion with his friend.

Investigation is pending. [above slightly edited following further information from the boy's mother, Jan. 14, 2013]


Hello Chris, this seems an interesting report with shades of the Hills' encounter thanks to the 'bleeping' sound.

Were you ever able to resolve it? Did the account hold up?

The details don't leave much much room for prosaic explanations so we're probably left with either an unusual incident or a pair of mischief-makers :)

I'm looking forward to seeing the forthcoming annual report too.

Best regards
No, I could never resolve it because I couldn't find a UFO investigator to go there! Perhaps this summer someone will make an effort to get there and interview the kids personally.
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