Thursday, January 03, 2013


Another year of UFOs

First of all, welcome to 2013. You've managed to successfully complete another revolution around our star, Sol. Wonderful.

What does 2013 bode for UFOs and ufology?

Errol Bruce-Knapp, venerable list owner of UFO Updates, has offered the following words of ufological wisdom.

Yet another year slides on by and are we any the wiser about UFOs? Rhetorical.
 The field has scattered, sources 'grown', facts diluted and ignored. Not quite what we'd anticipated and hoped for.

I must agree with his observations. Ufology is very disjointed and rudderless at this point. Perhaps the plans of the evil skeptitude are working. The dilution and ignoring of facts in favour of rapid arm-waving is certainly  waxing significantly.

Yet, those "in the know" carry on, undaunted. (And in many cases, sadly uninformed).

As I've said many times before: "The truth is out there... but unfortunately, we're stuck in here."

Oh, and I've starting to compile the 2012 Canadian UFO Survey. Looks like another banner year, simply going by the six-inch stack of case files on my desk.

And yes, we've already received dozens of reports from 2013 already.

Happy New Year!


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