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My predictions for December 21, 2012: The Mayan Catastrophes

Are you ready for my 2012 "Mayan Predictions?"

Okay, Niburu isn't about to hit, the magnetic poles won't reverse and the galactic "alignment" will come and go.

But there will be at least one "calamity" on Earth either on December 21 or a day or two before or after, that will be claimed as the "Mayan prediction" coming true. This might be a small-to-medium earthquake in North America or along the Pacific Rim of Fire. Since there are earthquakes along this region every day, this isn't much of a prediction.

UFOs will be reported somewhere on Earth on December 21. The sightings will be described as a "mass" event, even if only one or two are observed. Since sightings are reported at a rate of 2 or 3 each day in Canada, and 10 to 15 each day elsewhere around the world, this prediction will definitely come true.

Finally, to hedge the bet even more, there could even be a major stock downturn that day. After all, we're nearing a "fiscal cliff," right?

There could be a major loss of life in a war-torn region of the world on December 21.

But none of this means the Mayans were right.

It simply means life on Earth is just as messed up as it has always been, and just as fragile.


Hi Chris, Listened to you on DNTO CBC Radio today. You mentioned Shediac N.B. so I thought you may be interested in what I saw there. On a black moonless night the sky began to light up just as though the moon was rising. there was no moon but there was a big natural body like a moon but slightly oblong.
I was rivited of course but it was perfectly natural.
This body traveled across the sky from south to north.
After passing there was a soud much like a jet plane.
I both saw this happen and heard it as well.
It must have continued north past earth beyond our gravitational pull because if something that size fell we would no longer be here.
At the time I was on holiday a bit south of Shediac camping on a sandbar near cabins and a fish / lobster packing plant called Paturel's.

I was friends with the local Leger families but no one saw what I saw that night They all work hard and sleep like logs.

Nothing supernatural about this but a bit annoying that I would mention this and no one had a clue. TG / TonyGuitar / Tony Robinson.
I think "nailed it" is the phrase to use in these circumstances. LOL

I wrote a couple posts on my own UFO Blog, and I have started "2013 Predictions" post, but then I decided I'd love to reach out beyond my own tiny place in the blogosphere and get some additional feedback. So... care to make any prediction that I can quote and link to you in my post? You can reach me by follow-up here (I think I've selected that properly) or of course on my blog or by email.

Hope to hear from you.
-Robert Hughey
Tony: Thanks for this! When was this bolide/fireball in Shediac?
My prediction? The "Great Comet of 2013" (called ISON) will lead to lots of "alien warnings" by the usual suspects, but not until November. The other comet of 2013, PANSTARRS, will be bright but probably not enough to get anyone freaked out.
OH, that led to some interesting reading. I wasn't aware the comet is going to be brighter than a full moon. I expect there will surely be some sort of "dire alien warning," and then I expect it will probably die down as the comet continues on its path away from us. Thanks for the heads up though - it led to some good research. :)
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