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More books and stuff added to the collection

This summer, I traveled to several conventions and conferences with a “Paranormal” theme. Unfortunately, the dealers’ rooms at each of them were very enticing, and I ended up adding considerably to my collection of UFO-related books and materials. Ufology can be a very expensive field of study. I post this list on my blog to show that the phenomenon is very complex and still evolving, with new material coming out every year, but also that there's a history behind some of the ideas that are being promulgated today.

In no particular order, the following were added to my library:

13 individual issues of Fate Magazine, between 2005 and 2011. Editor-in-chief Phyllis Galde was at the Paradigm Symposium, and when Erich von Daniken was late for an interview for the magazine, I was asked to do a quick interview before he arrived. Not sure when it’s going to appear, or where. But the Fate display at the con was impressive, with dozens of past issues and books for purchase. I was compelled to oblige.

Danelek, J. Allan. (2010). UFOs: The Great Debate. Llewellyn: Woodbury, Minnesota.

Sanchez, Anthony F. (2011). UFO Highway. Strange Lights Publishing: Rocklin, CA. [Autographed by the author. Gave a very interesting talk.]

Hanks, Micah A. (2010). Magic, Mysticism and the Molecule. Grailien Report: Asheville, NC. [Personally autographed by the author. Micah was a fine host and did an amazing job (with Scotty) of planning and running a remarkable first-of-its-kind conference.]

Scranton, Laird. (2012). The Velikovsky Heresies. Bear & Co: Toronto, Ontario. [Personally autographed by author. Nice guy. Gave a good overview of the whole Velikovsky thing.]

Godwin, David, ed. (2011). True UFO Accounts From the Vaults of Fate Magazine. Llewellyn: Woodbury, MN.

Galde, Phyllis, ed. (2005). Fate Presents: UFO Special. Fate: Lakeville, MN. [Even though I’m not included in Fate’s list of the “Top 100” ufologists, but they included Billy Meier and Steven Spielberg. Maybe it was just as well I wasn’t in the list. Go figure.]

Von Däniken, Erich. (1971). Chariots of the Gods? Bantam: New York. [I think this was the first UFO-related book that I bought with my own money, when I was just 12 or 13. This is the original paperback, when I met von Däniken at the Paradigm Symposium, he signed it for me. Awesome.]

Von Däniken, Erich. (1999). Chariots of the Gods. Berkley: New York. [He signed this later edition, too. It’s interesting that the “?” has been dropped in the title. This edition has some newer material.]

Von Däniken, Erich. (1974). The Gold of the Gods. Bantam: New York. [He signed this one too.]

Redfern, Nick. (2005). Body Snatchers in the Desert. Paraview Pocket Books: Toronto. [Hung out with Nick at the Symposium Cocktail Reception. Later, he personally autographed some of his books, including this one.]

Redfern, Nick. (2012). The World’s Weirdest Places. New Page: Pompton Plains, NJ. [personally autographed by author]

Hall, Michael David. (1999). UFOs: A Century of Sightings. Galde Press: Lakeville, MN.

Hanks, M. and Roberts, S. (2012). INTREPIDmag: The Paradigm Symposium 2012. [no publisher noted].

Friedman, Stanton T. (2004). Are Flying Saucers Real? [DVD]. UFORI: Houlton, ME.

Feschino, Frank C., Jr. (2012). The Braxton County Monster. [Revised Edition]. Lulu Enterprises. [autographed by Stanton Friedman]

Ramsey, Scott, et al. (2011). The Aztec Incident. Aztec.48 Productions: Mooresville, NC. [autographed by Ramsey, Ramsey and Friedman]

COMETA. (1999). UFOs and Defense: What Should We Prepare For? G.S. Presse Communication: Levallois-Peret, France. [Yes, the infamous COMETA Report]

Howe, Linda Moulton. (1998). Glimpses of Other Realities. Volume 2: High Strangeness. Paper Chase Press: New Orleans, LA. [This was already in my collection, but I brought it for Linda to sign; personally autographed by author]

Weatherly, David. (2012). The Black-Eyed Children. Leprechaun Press: Arizona. [First book about a creepy new paranormal phenomenon; autographed by the author]


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