Sunday, August 05, 2012


Keep skygazing, Winnipeg! UFOs oot and aboot!

Another article about the 2011 Canadian UFO Survey appeared today in news media.

Although the article was overwhelmingly pro-alien, my quotes were factual and accurate.
"People do see things in the night sky they can't explain," said Chris Rutkowski, research co-ordinator for Ufology, which put together the survey. "It shows UFOs haven't gone away. It shows it wasn't a trend or a fad. People are still reporting them."
And later I said:
"There are a whole number of factors that can explain (sightings)," said Rutkowski. "A lot of people are reporting lights on fire going across Manitoba skies."
And finally:
Despite this, Rutkowski said there are still 11 per cent of reports that can't be explained. "There are things up in the sky that are UFOs," he said. UFOs don't necessarily mean little green men in saucers who've come to vacation in our lovely city. They are simply phenomena in the sky we can't explain.
The best part of the article was a sidebar in the hard-copy newspaper which had a photo of the alien from the movie Paul, with the caption: 
Winnipeg may be dealing with an influx of aliens, like this one, captured in the Universal Pictures quasi-documentary "Paul." 
If I recall, there's another quasi-documentary about aliens and UFOs that came out some time ago. It was called "Mork and Mindy."

If you really want to read the 2011 Canadian Survey (which does not speculate about aliens visiting Earth), view it at: 


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