Tuesday, July 31, 2012


UFOs Over Winnipeg July 30 2012

It's the season for "floating orange lights" across Canada. Most of the reports we get during the summer are of lights meandering or otherwise moving across the night sky. (See: 2011 Canadian UFO Survey)

Here's a typical report, a sighting of objects seen about 11:30 pm on Monday, July 30, 2012, over Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:

I just went for a walk and noticed some odd things in the sky... I saw what everyone is describing, an orange light floating in the sky, then a yellow one too, then they were gone - maybe burnt out, but I didn't see them "fly away",  just disappeared. It was so odd. Made no noise either and were both very low to the ground - not super low, but definitely not airplane high.

This is about average as far as UFO reports go. Not a lot of detail, but enough that you get the general idea.

But I also get these kind of notes, this one from Facebook:

Incidentally, did you get a spike in UFO reports Sat night? I launched 4 of these by the floodway, and I'm pretty sure they got as far as the perimeter. http://www.redbomb.com/products/product.php?sku=8200S  

I've also heard that others are doing the same in other parts of Canada. 

So, don't get too excited about UFO reports of "floating orange lights."


I live in Burlington Ontario and I have never seen anything out of the ordinary in our skies... Until the summer of last year.

Since then, things have been getting strange.

Orange lights?.. Yep, and lots of them. Floating?.. On occasion, but most move swiftly, low in the sky (I live in a city, not much night sky to see).

They seem to disappear , turn off or flicker out soon after spotting them .. It's weird.

They are not planes (work for an aircraft company for 5 years), they're not meteors or fireballs (too slow, but faster then planes in the area), they are orange in general and seem to be trying to blend in with their surroundings.

I don't know what they are exactly, but I seem to be seeing lots lately.

I just returned from a cottage in northern Ontario and saw no less then 30 over a two week period.

I have other people with me when it happens, they to are concerned and confused and none of my friends really believe in or entertain the thought of UFOs... But this has them thinking twice..

Time will tell.. Skies are getting weirder by the day.
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