Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Oh, c'mon! Really?

Unless it's a promo for an upcoming SF movie (such as Iron Sky:, the latest UFO video making the rounds is of a huge craft flying over Toronto on Valentine's Day.

Now, since all of Toronto didn't notice this, it's obviously a manufactured video. This is despite the headline in the "Examiner", which states the enormous UFO was "spotted" over the city.


All this will do is use up bandwidth in the sensational UFO blogs and websites and be used by debunkers as more reason why the subject of UFOs isn't worth bothering about. And mainstream media will be even more justified in ignoring any kind of UFO videos submitted for consideration.

And people wonder why I'm cynical.


'And people wonder why I'm cynical.'

Cynicism should be saluted in this subject and will be right far more times than wrong. If the Examiner ever publishes anything of genuine (not BS or hoax) significance, the story will surface elsewhere anyway. With that in mind, it's worth leaving the Examiner to those who appreciate it.

Incidentally, your report of a circular craft, from a few days ago, was interesting and reminded me of the BBC Radio 5 reporter's account of seeing a similar craft near Oxford last year.

Reports like those find the chinks in cynicism.
It's really amazing what is passed off as "news" these days. There are several "news" websites that I don't even bother with, anymore. The Examiner is one of them.
Tracey Parece featured that video on the Examiner and I've found she has a very poor record on evaluating material. She is a serial offender.
I read an article a while back about the Examiner's primary UFO writer, Roger Marsh. He gets paid for hits (I don't know how exactly it works), and makes a very modest income for all the work he does.
Marsh tends to be careful, posting straight reports from the MUFON database. So he puts up a lot of not-too-sensational posts which get some traffic (although the MUFON database is a sewer. I have found Roger linking to too many pictures of seagulls and videos of lanterns. I have stopped reading his posts).
I suspect Parece is taking the easy way out: a small number of outrageous posts that get a high number of hits.
To me, THAT is cynical.
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