Tuesday, July 05, 2011


UFO Hilarity

The headline reads:
"UFO photographed landing in Canada"

The article starts out with the statement:

UFO landings are been witnessed with increasing frequency in various locations throughout the world as a discreet alien presence on this planet becomes more obvious.

It's a remarkable statement, mostly because it's not supported by any actual data. The number of UFO sightings is not increasing rapidly, judging from the numbers of reports filed with UFO websites and organizations. Studies show the numbers remain high, but not with "increasing frequency."

And landings? Well, we really haven't had any cases of UFO landing marks or other evidence in years. They used to be a common aspect of UFO report data (in like, the 70s), but evidence linking a sighting to markings or material on the ground these days? Nada.

Perhaps he simply means observations of UFOs descending to the Earth. But if so, I don't think the real case data bears that out, either.

Well, let's move on.

Cohen says that "Scott Purtill" in Manitoba (Hey! That's where I am!) "suspected some unusual activity in the vicinity of his home... which he suspected might well be UFO- or alien-related." Very suspect, if you ask me.

Purtill investigated, with a camera. He saw a UFO with red and blue lights on the ground among some trees, and another glowing orb nearby. That's it. That all the info available.

This is the obvious alien presence on Earth.

But no Scott Purtill in any listing for Manitoba, BTW. No date of the event. No time. No location that could be examined. Not reported to anyone other than allnewsweb.com

It's enough to drive serious UFO researchers to drink.

Make mine a double.


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