Friday, June 24, 2011


UFOs all over the place

After recently posting a note about how UFO reports were down in number, I received several emails from people who disagreed with me. They pointed to online stories about how "mass sightings" are popping up all around the world, and how this means the aliens are accelerating their plan to make contact and herald a new age of disclosure.

I stand by my statement. UFO report numbers are down.

This has nothing to do, of course, with web news stories to the contrary. A simple search will find many tweets and Youtube posts about odd lights in the sky, but these are not reports.

As an example, one person noted that:

...the skies over [the] Toronto area & particularly the Southwest part of the city [sic] is very busy[:] day, evening [sic] or night on any given date!

It's so much activity that [it] isn't even feasible to photograph the spaceships and orbs each time!

Even the Youtube videos, to which this person refers, show greatly zoomed and pixelated point- and extended sources that could be literally anything, least of all spaceships. There are no exact times or dates given. No directions, direction of movement, elevation, or duration that might give clues as to what the objects might be. It's simply assumed that the night skies over Toronto are filled with spaceships, as if we live inside a Blade Runner universe.

I'll say it again: these are not good UFO reports.

Since many Youtube videos are now being added as reports when the info is available, even if we regard them as UFO reports, they are reports of low quality and content, despite being visual in nature. It used to be that UFO investigators would raise the Reliability value of a UFO report if a photograph was provided. Not so anymore. Without reference objects, accompanying detailed descriptions and sufficient information to allow interpretation and evaluation towards seeking an explanation, grainy videos on Youtube and indiscernible objects in Flickr photos are low-quality UFO reports.

They are also not proof that spaceships are buzzing our cities.
Nice article.

Funny how there was a time when photos would raise the bar, not lower it ;)
With enthusiasts and alarmists, it seems the narrative comes first, not the facts. Taxes, crime, bigfoot "proof" press conferences, etc., are always on the rise, no matter what.
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