Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Unfortunate End to Open Access to Canada UFO Reports

It's sad, but one online source for information about Canadian UFO reports has been shut down. That means that people curious about what is being reported in Canada won't be able to learn about what others have been seeing.

And, not surprisingly, I'm being blamed for it.

Today, Brian Vike, who has been posting reports sent to him on his Vike Report, posted a note that:

The Vike Factor receives a lot of Canadian UFO sighting reports throughout the year and every year as time goes by. I finally have had enough of one guy who has ticked me off. I won’t post any Canadian sighting reports.

Yeah, I'm the "one guy."

He went on to note:

Since every report gets tagged with the source of where the reports comes from, I get tagged with “an online source”. So had enough of this guy for sure using the information.
I was initially puzzled, but then I went back and looked at my quickly-dashed-off blog post yesterday, and saw that I had indeed quoted a posted report from Vike and simply noted it was an "online source."

Mea culpa, despite the fact that I have referenced Vike in previous posts, acknowledging him as the source for UFO case information. (cf. http://uforum.blogspot.com/2011_01_01_archive.html) in the post "Top Ten Most Interesting UFO Reports in Canada in 2010") And, in our annual Canadian UFO Surveys, Geoff Dittman and I have been careful to give credit to all sources and contributors, including Vike. (cf http://www.canadianuforeport.com/survey/essay/2008surveyessay.pdf)

But this time, because I didn't mention him specifically, he reacts badly and pulls the plug on reporting Canadian UFO sightings in his various blogs.

Well, that'll teach me. I'll just have to continue posting Canadian UFO case info from those who freely share and disseminate case data, and provide details on cases that are reported to Ufology Research and myself.

Maybe this could have been averted through a simple email or phone call.

C'est dommage.


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