Friday, April 29, 2011


UFOs over Fort Nelson

I received a report from Fort Nelson and thought I would post some details to see if anyone saw something similar.

The sighting was on April 28, 2011, at 11:05 pm PT. The witness was on the Encana Highway northeast of Fort Nelson, BC, when he saw:
two objects in the sky at about 1 o'clock.  Both objects were traveling in a south easterly direction and one object appeared to following or at the very least adjacent but slightly behind and to the side of the first object.  Both objects displayed a light in the evening sky.  
The objects themselves appeared to be identical and at first I thought they were two helicopters flying but then at the speed they were traveling - it wasn't possible.  Both appeared to have a tail but that could have just been the light reflection or a light.  As they continued south east - they appeared to be about 1000 feet off of the ground and as I watched the last object (or at least the trailing object) simply disappeared.  The first object continued in a SE direction - at about the same height but was gone from my vision within a second or two.  It continued to be lit but was moving very quickly and it disappeared over the trees as I continued south.
There are a number of possibilities as explanations.It's possible they were high-flying aircraft (and only appeared to be 1,000 feet high). They might have been NOSS or Iridium satellites, which can travel in twos and threes and follow easterly courses. As for one disappearing, that is what happens when a satellite passes into Earth's shadow. If it wasn't an aircraft, a slight bank would have rendered it invisible.  


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