Friday, April 15, 2011


It's quiet... too quiet...

Although not really.

It's common to have the number of UFO reports wax and wane throughout a year, in addition to a yearly fluctuation. It's just that it's very slow right now compared with the beginning of 2011.

We had a record number of sightings in Canada in January, about average in February, then the number dropped like a stone for March, and April is barely a whisper.

That's what people really are reporting. Some UFO sites are going on about "mass UFO sightings," which simply aren't happening, and I have no idea why they're claiming it. MUFON, NUFORC and other UFO reporting sites don't reflect anything like what would be needed for such claims.

But that's not to say that UFO reports have gone away completely. I received a report this morning, for example:
Toronto, Ontario
Monday, April 11, 2011
9:00 pm

I was on the 32 bus waiting for it to leave at Eglinton west station then I looked to my left and saw red and blue lights. It was like a triangle shape, blinking, but it was a saucer. I saw the side of it and it was hovering towards I think downtown Toronto or Bathurst area. I totally forgot that I had my camera phone and didn't think to get a picture of it. After that sighting I couldn't believe what I saw and didn't understand why everyone else on the bus didn't even notice.

It's possible that UFO report numbers are down because there are more pressing things to worry about now, such as the Japanese crises, American government shutdown, Canadian election, Manitoba floods, Libyan civil war, and so forth. Historically, however, UFO report numbers do not dry up at times like these.

Oh, and that FBI document about crashed saucers? Old news. Nothing of substance there.
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