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Top Ten Most Interesting UFO Reports in Canada in 2010

Okay, after spending many hours reading through the 950+ UFO cases reported in Canada in 2010, I have managed to come up with a list of ten which seem more interesting than most. These are cases that met ad hoc criteria, including: witnesses who provided greater detail than most; multiple witness cases; cases that were investigated more significantly than most; witnesses who were above average observers; cases in which the objects seen did not appear to be conventional objects; or a combination of these.

Where possible, links to the original sources are provided. Images and photos of the UFOs observed can be found on some of the sites.

January 25, 2010    5:00 pm
St. Pierre, Newfoundland

Two people saw a “silver-grey bullet” moving through the sky towards the east. Photographs showed a strange rocket-like object with an “exhaust.” Many explanations were put forth, but none seemed satisfactory. The Canadian government was evasive about the incident.

April 3, 2010    11:30 am
Ste. Rose du Lac, Manitoba 

A man and his son watched a black, silent boomerang-shaped object fly slowly over houses in their town. The description matched that of a remarkably similar object seen over Westlock, Alberta, only a few weeks later.

May 19, 2010    2:00 pm
Winnipeg, Manitoba
A witness saw “a solid shiny silver object in the sky.” He watched it for about two minutes and realized that it wasn't a plane and it wasn't moving so he ran inside to get a camera. When he returned he took several photographs which show a fuzzy object. As he watched, the craft shot out another object which flew away at great speed.

June 12, 2010    10:30 am
New London, PEI
Two people saw a ball of fire fall from the sky and hit a hay field nearby. The hay was set on fire and the couple were able to put the fire out. Astronomers who were called in to investigate the “meteorite” said the observation and physical traces were “not consistent with natural meteoroids or space debris.”

October 5, 2010    9:05 pm
Montreal, Quebec
Several witnesses observed a large structured object hovering or moving slowly over buildings downtown. It was oval, with two “tails” and had a lighted “cabin” at the “bow.”

November 1, 2010    3:13 pm
Scarborough, Ontario
A witness photographed a stationary object in the clear blue sky. The photographs show the object was rotating silently clockwise. It was observed for five minutes, then it vanished.

November 2, 2010    8:10 pm
Campbell River, BC
A witness looked up through her car's windshield and saw a very bright light shining downward. As she got closer, the object silently passed over the top of her vehicle at approximately 100 feet and flew behind power lines and tree-line. The object was triangular in shape, with a middle large, bright light. On each of the three corners of the triangle there was a white light, and a neon red line of light ran the full length of one side of the triangle, with a similar green light on the other side. The next day, she drove out to where she had seen the UFO and found a slight impression of a triangle in the grass off to the side of the highway.

November 12, 2010    6:45 pm
Ingleside, Ontario
At about 1:45 pm, a woman driving west near Long Sault, Ont., noticed four strange shapes in the sky. "They looked like rockets or spaceships," she said. She stopped her car for a closer look, but after a few minutes the objects went “straight up” until they disappeared. Then, five hours later, she saw three lights that hovered in the night sky for about 30 seconds. One was lower and between the other two, and they turned very slowly. Several other people also saw the three odd lights.

December 16, 2010,    2:00 am
Grand Barachois, New Brunswick
Across a marsh, four large very white “canisters” with black numbers and small black crosses on their sides appeared towards the ocean. “It looked like a construction site had dumped them there.” Then there was “a flashing movement like a hologram changing and a page was turned over slowly and the marsh reappeared.”

December 25, 2010    9:15 pm
Hudson, Quebec
A total of 16 witnesses, including two commercial airline pilots, observed two reddish-orange lights moving low over some houses in an urban area. The objects did not look like or behave like any aircraft. A check with nearby airports did not show any traffic that could explain the sighting. (Currently under investigation.)


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