Friday, November 26, 2010


UFO Report Numbers in 2010, So Far

Although Geoff Dittman and I haven't had time to do a full UFO Survey for Canada since 2008, we have been keeping track of cases. In terms of numbers, 2009 had fewer cases than 2008, but that was because 2008 was a real anomaly for some reason, with 1004 reports filed. For 2009, the total was just under 900. Still pretty good, and it puts that year in at least 3rd and maybe 2nd overall. So far in 2010, we're over 800 reports, so we'll be right up there again.

The bottom line is that UFO reports in Canada during the past 5 years have been at an unprecedented high level.

A few odd numbers come out of the pure number counts, however. So far in 2010, two months have had record monthly numbers of UFO reports far above average levels. In July 2010, there were a whopping 190 UFO reports in Canada for that month alone, eclipsing the previous high of 148 in the record year of 2008. And, in case you still hear people saying UFOs are seen mostly in summer months, there were 102 reports in October 2010, more than any other October on record (there were 82 in 2008).

The difference between the "record year" of 2008 and the past few years is that except for a few record months, UFO report numbers have been relatively low in other months. Barely one a day in February and March 2009 and 2010, for example. Definitely no bell-shaped curves the past few years, for some reason. Despite these anomalies, the overall UFO report numbers average out so that we're still around almost 900 reports per year - a level that shows UFOs have certainly not simply gone away.
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