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Letter to Edward Ruppelt from Military Observer in Manitoba in 1954

While going through the UFOROM files, I discovered a copy of a letter sent to former Project Blue Book head Captain Edward Ruppelt in 1954. It was written by a former military man and he thought his observation of some objects shining in Manitoba skies was worth mentioning to Ruppelt.

Selkirk, Manitoba
August 10, 1954

Capt. E. J. Ruppelt, U.S.A.F.R.,
c/o TRUE Magazine
New York City, N.Y.

Dear Sir:

It was with great interest I read your article 'What Our Air
Force Found Out About Flying Saucers' which appeared in the May 1954
issue of True Magazine. I have read quite a few accounts concerning these
unknown flying objects, but your article was by far the most interesting.
Never having seen such objects, I was perhaps a little skeptical, but
never considered them impossible. On July 22 however, I did see
"something" and was fortunate enough to have three other people as witnesses.

I understand that you are no longer connected with this research,
but I have taken the liberty of writing you, hoping that you will pass on
the following report to those who may be interested.

On July 22, between 8.15 and 8.30 p.m. C.D.T. I saw what at first
appeared to be five aircraft in the southern skies. It was a very clear
sunny evening and these aircraft seemed to be reflecting the sun -- they
were a very bright shiny silver in color. The angle at which they
appeared in relation to directly overhead and the horizon would be, I
judge, between 20 to 25 degrees (see sketch). I watched these objects for
not less than three minutes, possibly six or seven -- unfortunately I did
not think to time them -- did not realize what I was viewing. During
that time they did not increase or decrease in size, all the while
glowing a very bright silver in color. While watching, they appeared to
'drift', almost imperceptibly in a westerly direction. Suddenly four of
the objects disappeared and the fifth (No. 1 in the sketch) vanished
possibly 30 seconds later. They did not grow smaller and vanish, but
simply disappeared, very much like a person turning off a light. At no
time was any sound audible. These objects were in formation (see sketch)
and as long as they remained visible, they did not alter their formation.
As for the shape of these objects, I believe "round" would best describe
them - they were definitely not square, oblong or cigar-shaped.

Whatever these were, they were also seen by people living in the
Winnipeg area at approximately the same time. As Winnipeg and Selkirk are
roughly 20 miles apart, these unknowns could hardly have been balloons.
To have been seen from both places at the same time, it would seem to me
that these objects would have to be at a very high altitude and also very
large in size. Some of the people in Winnipeg who saw these strange
objects, reported such to the two newspapers, The Winnipeg Tribune and
the Winnipeg Free Press.

I am not by any means an expert on aircraft, but during the war I
served with the Royal Canadian Navy and spent a few months with a British
Aircraft Carrier.

The people with me at the time these objects were sighted were my
wife, my sister-in-law and her husband. No doubt you have had many
reports at different times from various people - believe me, I am not a
"crank" looking for publicity, but I actually saw something which I have
seen before and of that I am certain. If there is anything else, such as
any further details concerning that which I have reported, I sincerely
hope that you or someone will write, as I shall be only too pleased to
try and answer. I am definitely very curious and interested to try and
learn what I actually did see.

Yours very truly,
(named deleted)


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