Friday, November 05, 2010


Darn those massive alien spaceships!

In today's Winnipeg Sun, a letter to the editor complains that I "didn't do my research as a UFO buff" because I missed pointing out in my debate with Robert Sheaffer that giant alien spaceships hidden in Saturn's rings were detected last year by French scientists, and then the story was apparently covered up.

UFOs and the truth

Re: ‘Look up in the sky,’ Nov. 2.

Chris Rutkowski hasn’t done his research as a UFO buff and missed that French astronomers discovered some massive ships in the rings of Saturn last year.

It was all over French news media for about a day, then the story quieted down. Robert Sheaffer states this phenomena started during the Cold War and that’s wrong, too.

There are cave paintings depicting aliens and UFOs, there are hieroglyphs depicting them, Sumerian tablets, the Bible even. All throughout the Middle Ages (in paintings and in some books) you can find UFOs.

Jean-Luc Levesque

I thank M. Levesque for pointing out my omission.

Take THAT, Fox News!
I am stunned to learn you are part of the conspiracy! Kind of makes you feel important, eh?
I thought the 'spaceships' of Saturn were moonlets in the rings? Cassini cameras have a number of exposure times. Images of the rings are long exposures so the tiny moonlets are given the appearance of being cigar-shaped by motion blur.

If so Chris, you'd have faced more than just one man's criticism in claiming 'spaceships in Saturn's rings!'
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