Thursday, October 28, 2010


Quebec UFO activity

According to Francois Bourbeau of OVNI-ALERTE, an interesting object was seen this morning (October 28, 2010) over Laval, Quebec. It was a structured craft of some sort, with lights, and was seen about 3:00 am. Most remarkable is that the sighting of the object was associated with a loud rumbling noise and strong winds that shook the entire house from which teh witness was observing the object. OVNI-ALERTE is looking for additional witnesses.

In addition, I should note that a recent book published in Quebec gives a very detailed history of UFOs seen in that province. Because of the language barrier, most of English Canada knows little about UFO activity in Quebec (unless you read my blog). The book, by Danielle Goyette, is one of a series of books about Quebec mysteries, called Quebec Insolite. This book, titled simply OVNIs, covers cases from 1841 over Hudson Bay to Gaspe in 2009.

Goyette has done a good job in gathering disparate information and case details about Quebec and crafting it into a nicely-illustrated and laid-out work that is appealing and informative. Interestingly, she has sections giving voice to skeptics and contactees alike. The chapter on the infamous Hotel Bonaventure case has some good information and description, although she devotes most of the book to cases that have occurred in this new millennium, many of which are new to me. Goyette essentially follows the life and UFO investigations of Francois Bourbeau, (who runs OVNI-ALERTE), with a few references to other Quebec ufologists like Christian Page, but no mention of Claude MacDuff or Don Donderi. She includes references to pop culture and includes some questionable stuff (why bother with UMMO, anyway?) but all in all it's a nice addition to Canadian ufology, despite ignoring all cases outside of Quebec.

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