Sunday, September 26, 2010


UFO Reports by the Numbers: 2009 vs.2010

Now that my next book is finally published:,
I had some time to go through the foot-high stack of UFO reports that has been towering over me as it typed at the desk in my study.

While I won't have a chance to do a rigorous analysis such as previously done in the annual Canadian UFO Surveys (,
I have been able to do a quick numerical count just to see how things have been doing so far in comparison with last year.

During the first eight months of 2009, there were 449 UFO reports filed across Canada (i.e. January to June 2009). In comparison, there have been 576 UFO reports filed during the same period in 2010. That's about a 28 per cent increase from last year.

Before we get too excited, I should note that most of this increase came during the second trimester of the year (May to August). In fact, numbers of UFO reports in 2010 were actually lower than 2009 until an unprecedented surge in UFO reports in July, when 183 cases were reported in just that one month compared with only 80 in 2009. Why that was so is not known at this time.

There were slightly more than 800 cases filed in 2009, a significant drop from the all-time record in 2008 when more than 1000 reports were filed. However, if 2010 remains on track, we will be somewhere around 900 cases by the end of the year, enough for the second-highest number of UFO reports in a single year.

Will we make it? Stay tuned.

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hi chris I would like to know if your book will be made available for kindle, I would like to read it!
This is just a thought, but last July was rainy and this July less so. Could relatively less cloud cover be a factor in increased UFO reports?
ilfakiro: I have asked my publisher about Kindle, and they say it's on their list, but don't hold your breath!

Terry: Rain could be a factor in report numbers, but weather wouldn't explain yearly differences during mid-winter, for example, when much of Canada is waist-deep in snow @ -40F.
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