Monday, July 12, 2010


Les OVNI au-dessus Repentigny, Quebec


I received a report about a UFO that broke into pieces over Montreal early this morning.

The date and time given was: 12 July 2010 at 1011 local or 0500Z

The report states:

Observed by several persons and QPP (Quebec Provincial Police) officers, that a single object of a red colour and a blue ring descended at [to?] about 50 metres and several objects [indecipherable] in several directions.

1 object however split in[to] several objects at around 50 metres from ground and a blue colour [was observed?].

The police officers reported no smell of burning was observed [detected?], but all the objects reunited and left.

The police officer has observed this phenomenon and several people [have the] same story.

Seemed like a simple fireball or bolide case, but the line that threw me was that the objects "reunited and left."

I would hope some additional information will be forthcoming on this one.
Anything new on this?
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