Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The Alien in Alberta

Look out, Stan Romanek! The aliens have moved to Alberta!

A video recently posted to YouTube is being promoted on UFO fan websites as the "clearest alien footage ever" and it "stuns UFO researchers."

(cf. http://www.allnewsweb.com/page1199999385.php)

The YouTube version is on:

It has tens of thousands of views already, and it looks like it will soon go viral and capture the imaginations of those who should know better.

One person commented:

"this footage is being looked at by UFO researchers around the world" and "this is the most profound footage ever seen."

Well, de profundis perhaps, anyway. (Translation: "out of the depths of misery.")

Let's list some of what's wrong with this. Let's check for red flags.

1. Posted anonymously. Check.
2. Location not specified. Check.
3. Witnesses were not shocked to see it. Check.
4. No follow up possible. Check.
5. Video not sent to serious researchers. Check.

UFO fan sites should be ashamed of themselves for retweeting and hyping this stuff.
LOL at Josh Hafen. Well as in my case maybe the guys seen so many of them he just went ahh whatever ill just get the thing on video again and upload it anyway. I wrote the guy ad asked him where it was taken if its near my town it could very well be possible. But who knows, i want to know whats in those things to prepare myself just incase they or it or whatever they are decide to make an appearance.
LOL It knocked over the chair. Now they know why the deck furniture is always moved around.
That reminds me of Stan R.'s infamous deck. hmmmmm.
All News Web: the least credible UFO news site out there, but fun to visit because the host used to argue dementedly with the commentors.
It's the only believer UFO site I know where the majority of believing readers called out the poster regularly and demanded links to sources, etc.
Unfortunately, the host seems to have followed through on his threat and shut off all comments.
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