Monday, May 03, 2010


Videographer's Complaint: Why No Clear Videos of UFOs?

I was just assisting with a TV interview of a researcher regarding a major breaking news story today (nothing to do with UFOs) when during a break the videographer recognized me from the UFO stuff.

He came up to me and said, "You know, I'm still skeptical about UFOs." He held up his network news video camera. "There are hundreds of guys like me with cameras like these all over the place. Why can't anyone get a really clear video of a UFO?"

I replied. "That's an excellent point."

Then I asked: "So how many really clear videos of the Times Square car bomber did any of the hundreds of people and news cameramen in downtown New York manage to get, especially outside the Viacom offices?"

He harumphed and walked back to the shoot.
There was a recent case of a V formation flying over a city in Louisiana. Residents were seeing it every night, but to the naked eye, there was not enough detail. This led to speculation on aliens, of course. So a TV crew filmed the formation. Their excellent cameras showed quite clearly it was a formation of birds. The story is still up but, unfortunately, they have taken down the vid (these TV stations need to get youtube channels).,0,5772101.story
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