Tuesday, May 04, 2010


UFO Reported from Edson, Alberta, May 1, 2010

I received a DND report regarding a witness' sighting of a UFO over Edson, Alberta, on May 1, 2010. The report is actually already on Youtube, with additional information:

I went for my last smoke around 11:30 pm May 1st 2010 saw it, ran in and grabbed my camera. I only wish I had thought of my tripod, but if you turn the contrast up you can plainly see it suddenly jump away from the edge of the outside light. I have a 60X zoom on my cam so its shaky. I used a flashlight to try to coax the thing closer but it it flashed a bit then took off northbound. Im keeping my eyes on the skys from now on with cam in hand big time! Hopefully there will be more vids to come. The first few minutes is the best footage as the thing got further away the camera couldnt pick it up as well, PS my husband says it could be mid air night refueling of a jet, but over Edson?

The video itself is less than spectacular. A distant light videoed without a tripod, bouncing all over the frame, the camera desperately trying to zoom out to infinity and back.


It was said to move "left to right [then] departed north." Since we don't know what direction it was seen in the first place, this isn't that helpful. The duration is also not given.

So, I called the witness and she used a compass to get an accurate direction for me. The object was low in the northeast at first, then went west to the north compass point, then back to the northeast, went to the NNE and headed out of sight.

Also, she said that the object had started out high in the sky ("up with the satellites"), then she went in their trailer to get her camcorder. When she came out, it was lower in the air, in the northeast.
I got a better clearer image of this thing, here it is
Taken May 28th 2010 11:30 is pm this time in the NNW.
So what the heck is that thing?
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