Friday, May 28, 2010


Newfie UFOs sill a mystery?

According to a CBC story today, the Newfie UFOs are still unexplained.

A January 28, 2010, DND document obtained through an AI request (the Canadian equivalent of an FOIA request) noted that:

"The RCMP … is calling the event an unexplained sighting."

Curiously, the bulk of the discussion within the documents deal with the possibility that the UFOs seen by witnesses back in January were rockets or missiles. As I noted in earlier blog posts here in January and February, that's just one possibility. I fact, my own investigation showed there was a stronger likelihood that the UFOs were a bit more prosaic: high-flying aircraft. This was supported by the fact there was another, almost identical but less-publicized sighting about the same time over New Brunswick, which was tentatively identified as an aircraft.

The CBC report notes that:

The government has blocked nine pages and a several paragraphs of the UFO documents from public release.

Without having seen the documents, it's difficult to know why they might have been sanitized. One of my original suggestions is that the UFOs were actually military aircraft on a classified mission. The RCMP, DND and NORAD would therefore state that they had no knowledge of missiles or rockets being in the vicinity. But then, no one asked about aircraft.

As it stands, then, a well-witnessed and photographed UFO sighting is labeled "unexplained" by government officials, and the identity of the objects observed is still a mystery. Further, official documents support the fact that the UFO cannot be explained.

Don't debunkers say there are no good-quality UFO cases that are unexplained?

Oh, and note added in proof: Even though I routinely receive official UFO reports through government channels, I have received absolutely none of the documents regarding this incident.

The CBC story can be accessed at:

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Who knows what it really was? At least we have some excitement in Canada now. Was it a missile or a ufo? Who knows!

-Zane of ontario honey
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