Friday, May 14, 2010


Mystery Regarding Official UFO Report

In my last post, I noted some recent UFO reports in Canada. One of the cases was:

May 5, 2010
2:00 am
Maidstone, SK
"Lots of blinking lights. yellow and red, hovering near the airport. No noise. Lights were present several minutes."

This report had come by way of official channels, i.e. Transport Canada, National Defence or RCMP. In this instance, the report was a CADS (Civil Aviation Directive) Report that normally is filed by a pilot or airport personnel.

The problem is that the report notes it was filed by the "Airport Manager" at Maidstone. The number listed for the observer was the municipal office for the town, and they were baffled.

You guessed it; there is not such position as "airport manager." Maidstone is an unmaintained airport, open to the public and without onsite personnel. In fact, when I contacted the municipal offices, they couldn't think of anyone who could be called a "manager" of the grassy strip.

Even Barb Campbell, longtime area resident and my colleague-in-arms with regard to paranormal/UFO events in SK, and who happens to live in the area, didn't know who might have filed the report. She did, however, send some photos of the little airstrip for reference.

Now, it's common to get anonymous UFO reports from the general public. However, getting one through official channels is another thing.
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