Tuesday, April 27, 2010


UFO over Westlock, Alberta

There is an interesting report out of Westlock, Alberta, from April 18, 2010. A man left a message on a UFO website about a large dark, triangular object that he saw moving slowly over his home. The object emitted a dull reddish glow and had three circular things on its underside. He thought it was only about 500 feet above his home at one point.

The report was on UFOs Northwest, an American site that is very good in its scope and approach, classifying cases by location and doing some preliminary evaluation. In this case, the witness left a message on the webmaster's voicemail, and the audio file is linked on the site as well. The eyewitness testimony gives an interesting perspective of what had been seen.

The link is:

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I bet that it WAS a UFO, but it might have just been an airplane.
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