Friday, February 19, 2010


MoD UFO Files: The "expert"

Someone sent a ream of letters to the MoD in 1999. He or she offered to help investigate, give advice on how to handle extraterrestrials they might have found, and suggest ways to more efficiently deal with all the reports of spacecraft they were getting.

Here's a sample of his or her missives:

In its standard form letter, the MoD reply includes the statement that it's not interested in UFOs and has "no expertise" in dealing with aliens and flying saucers.

If that was true, the letter writer argued, then how could he (or she) be the expert that he (or she) is? Furthermore, since he (or she) must know more than the MoD about UFOs, they should have asked him (or her) for help.

Can't fault the logic.

Yeah, MoD! What's the deal?
LOL. Yeah, there are similar letters such as these in the Blue Book files, although minus the reference to "the grays" ;)
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