Monday, January 11, 2010


2010 sightings and news...

There have been a few UFO sightings in Canada so far in 2010. The most recent was a report from Prince Edward Island on January 10 that was posted to MUFON. The time on it seems to be incorrect, as the witness describes being "outside in my backyard" on a "clear night." However the time given is 18:20 GMT, which doesn't make much sense. I think he meant local time, not GMT. Anyway, he saw a "dimly visible star-like object which was moving slowly" from the SE to the S, about 45 degrees in altitude, but very high, like a satellite. It seemed to change course back to the SE and to the S a few times, but was out of sight after a total of about 10 seconds. Another sighting, this time of "two orangish lines" seen in Hamilton, ON, on January 9, was noted on a Vike site.

In other news, I'm working on another book (my ninth, for gosh sake!) with a publisher's deadline in March. Topic: UFOs (of course).

I have two speaking gigs coming up: one at the Scandinavian Centre (go figure) and one at Aqua Books. I just did Dee Andrew's Eye2thesky radio show on Saturday night, for a solid two hours. I didn't think I could talk for two hours on anything.
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