Monday, December 14, 2009


Pilot UFO report

I don't get many pilot reports these days. In fact, UFO report numbers in Canada are way down, despite what some people are saying. I look over all the available cases and the number count is much lower than this time in 2008, which was a banner year, admittedly, but the drop appears considerable. I'll know when I start compiling the 2009 data early in 2010.

Anyway, I received the following report data:

CIRVIS report
12 December 2009, 0050Z

A commercial flight from Winnipeg to Thompson, Manitoba, was nearing its destination when "a bright light at approximately 1000 feet AGL NW of Thompson" was seen by pilot (and possibly the co-pilot).

The report further noted: "The single light was travelling East to West... The speed of the object is unknown."

The report concluded: "No further identification details available."

With so few cues to go on, it's impossible to say what was seen. We can note that the Geminids reached their peak on Sunday, December 13th, so this light might have been a meteor, since the radiant is in the East. One would hope that pilots would be able to identify a meteor, though.
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