Friday, August 28, 2009


A curious UFO case over Winnipeg

Okay, I admit I'm puzzled.

This particular UFO report is intriguing, yet I was sure I had it figured out. Then I had my explanation shot to heck.

It started when I received a note from CFB Winnipeg that a UFO sighting had been reported to the Winnipeg Police Service on Sunday night, August 23, 2009.

The note read:

This evening at 00:45 Local I received a phone call here at 17 Wing Operations from the Military Police who had taken a phone call from 911 (City Police). The city Police reported to him they had a UFO sighting reported to them. The only information that was passed on to me was that it was triangular in shape and flew over Winnipeg.

Not much, but interesting, since this was the first UFO sighting in a long time that I was told about where the witness reported the incident to the police. This meant, presumably, that the police investigated and that their report would be available.

No such luck. My initial inquiry of the police received a response that the report had not yet been completed and that I would have to file a request later when it was completed. Now here's the thing; when a murder victim is discovered, the police hold a news conference and make many details available to the public within a matter of hours. The case is investigated immediately and results or comments of one kind or another are available to media. But a report known to have been made to the police regarding a UFO over the city? No information available.

Then I received an email from someone who had witnessed a UFO over Winnipeg, specifically St. Norbert, on that same Sunday night. This supported the initial info about the police report, so something must have definitely been in the sky.

I soon received a sighting report from the witness and her two other co-witnesses. This is what they wrote:

It was approx. 11:11pm. My son and I were sitting in the living room. I looked up and saw a strange set of (yellowish-orange) lights just over my neighbour's tree. I looked closer and realized they were not from a plane as they were in a triangle shape. Then there was a horrific droning noise, the windows shook it sounded like it was going to land on my house or like the engines were gearing down. When I looked at my son he was holding his head in terrible pain saying that there was an 'invisible high pitched whistling sound.' At the exact same time we both doubled over in pain holding our stomachs as we felt a huge energy surge go through us and the house. I felt that if I had been standing, I would have collapsed. We felt like throwing up and were very weak. The energy was overwhelming and scary. We were very shaken up.

I text messaged my friend and she came right over. We talked for a bit and looked out different windows. When we went to the back kitchen window all 3 of us saw something flying erratically. First we thought it was a helicopter until it went really high and then dropped a few hundred feet really fast then disappeared. Then through a set of trees my son saw one UFO split into two UFOs and disappeared. We went outside.

The neighbourhood had a eerie feeling, silence and and energy. We walked to a back lane and my son experienced the same intense whistling sensation and was holding his head again. However, when we moved a few feet away from the spot the pain went away. I also became nauseous again in the same spot.

We called the (non-emergency city inquiry) 311 number to see if there was a number to call about this. The guy on the 311 line assured me I wasn't out of my mind and told us that two of his friends had experienced the same thing. (I don't know when.)

We called the police and they came out within 10 minutes which we thought was kinda weird so we think they knew more than they were saying like they already knew about it.

I am not sure if it is just a coincidence but I have experienced a few intense pains since yesterday. My family and I have experienced several experiences with orbs, angels and ghosts over the years. We are open to a lot of different possibilities in the world but this was definitely a new one for us.

She noted:

If you have any insight you could share with us it would be appreciated. Thank you for allowing us to share our experience. We are excited, curious and just a bit scared shitless if I can be quite honest.

Quite a remarkable testimony. What could this have been?

My first clue was from my own experience. We had been over at some friends' home Sunday night and had been in their back yard enjoying the nice summer night. They live in Fort Richmond, literally across the road from St. Norbert. At about 8:00 pm, we were nearly deafened by low-flying helicopters that were clearly visible through the trees. They were buzzing about 20 to 30 feet above the ditches along the road and we reasoned they were doing mosquito fogging or larvaciding, as we knew this was scheduled during the past week for that area.

It didn't seem to be a big jump to think that helicopters flying low and making erratic passes over St. Norbert (just 1/4 mile away) could be interpreted as something otherworldly. In addition, if they were actually fogging, then since some people react badly to the insecticide, breathing it in might cause nausea, and the loud noise would be the helicopter's engine.

Simple investigation and explanation? Right?

Wrong. Part 2 to follow.
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