Friday, July 03, 2009


"This could be it," say UFO researchers

I had a brief online chat with Grant Cameron this morning. He's at the Roswell UFO fest in New Mexico, and is scheduled to speak later this weekend. He attended last night's lecture by Don Schmitt and Tom Carey and said he was dumbfounded. He said the major revelation is that a piece of "mystery metal" may have been recovered from a UFO crash site. This is the stuff that has been described by several people who claimed to have handled the debris - a tinfoil-like substance that unfolded back into its original shape after being crumpled or bent. If this is true (and verified), then this would tend to support the idea that something strange really did crash near Roswell back in 1947.
Can you post an update on this?
I can't wait to get more information on this. This is very interesting.

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